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Choosing the right outdoor dining setting

January 30, 2014
Choosing the right outdoor dining setting

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Outdoor dining or relaxing in your garden, or on your balcony or patio is such a wonderful way to enjoy great company, great meal-times and of course Australia’s wonderful outdoors.

Outdoor dining settings have evolved over time to incorporate regular casual family get-togethers right through to more formal and special occasions.

Outdoor dining is similar to indoor dining in that in usually entails a large table and anywhere from four to six – even up to eight and beyond - chairs. However outdoor dining tends to be made from more resilient material that can not only handle regular use but also the elements – wind, sun and rain can cause significant wear and tear on furniture that is not designed to withstand Mother Nature.

There are many different styles of outdoor dining tables and chairs, when selecting a style you should choose a design that will suit your outdoor area whether big or small. Some of our favourites are Contemporary, Modern, Rustic or Elegant. Before choosing your outdoor furniture, measure the space your are intenending to place the pieces, also think about the size and how often you entertain.

Outdoor dining settings don’t just have to be restricted to meal time use. They can be excellent for group board games, just relaxing with others and a cold drink, or spreading the newspapers far and wide and slowly working through them on a morning off!

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