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Choosing environmentally friendly materials for your Office Furniture

January 30, 2014
Choosing environmentally friendly materials for your Office Furniture

Green furniture, also known as environmentally friendly furniture or sustainable furniture, is great for green businesses looking to minimise their impact on the environment. Green furniture includes materials such as recycled, reclaimed or sustainably produced materials using environmentally responsible and green production processes.

Three popular materials that go into making green office furniture are metal, wood and recycled plastic. Steel or aluminium furniture is a good choice because it is often both recycled and recyclable. Furniture made from recycled plastic prevents a great deal of persistent plastic waste, some of which may take 1000 years or more to break down, from entering the landfills. Sustainable wood furniture is growing in popularity among environmentally sensitive consumers. Furniture made from wood reclaimed from old factories, railway tracks, buildings, bridges etc. is also an excellent option.

The materials used in producing green furniture and those used in finishing it are just as important. Furniture with finishes containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) tends to off gas and cause high levels of indoor pollution. Finally, shorter transportation distances and green packaging can help identify the right eco-friendly office furniture for your needs.

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