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Choosing Furniture for a Commercial Space

November 22, 2016
Choosing Furniture for a Commercial Space

One key emerging trend in commercial interiors that has become increasingly popular is making a space appear more 'homely' and less ‘commercial’ looking.

Cafes, dentists, doctors surgery’s, gyms and even work places are taking on an aesthetic that feels more like a living room or lounge area than the rigid, minimalist commercial spaces you may be familiar with.

While this warm, welcoming, friendly, fuzzy feeling is taking commercial spaces by storm, there are still a few important key factors to address when buying commercial furniture. Choosing the right type of furniture for a commercial space is a little bit more involved than choosing furniture for the home. The reason for this is that commercial spaces tend to see a lot more traffic coming through them and of course there are some standards that must be adhered to.

Our guide below takes you through 5 important factors to consider when purchasing commercial furniture.

Tips for Buying Commercial Furniture 2

Furniture needs to be excellent quality in order to have longevity.

Furniture that isn’t good quality will start to show signs of wear and tear a lot more quickly than you might think. Commercial spaces receive a lot more traffic than a home environment, therefore it’s essential that the furniture be well made and built to last.

Furniture must be fit for purpose.

Think about the application and how the furniture will be used prior to selecting it. Establishing what the furniture is going to be used for, who is going to be using it and how often will help to determine what type of furniture will work best.

Upholstery fabrics must be of commercial grade quality and meet Australian Standards in terms of fire rating. They must also be easy to keep clean. A darker fabric will help to hide dirt better than a light coloured fabric. Think long-term when selecting and choose items that will be able to stand the test of time.

Tips for Buying Commercial Furniture 4

Space Considerations

The proportions of the furniture should suit the size of the space they are to be placed in. Items shouldn’t appear heavy or bulky looking. On the other hand, they shouldn’t seem lost in the space either. One of the biggest mistakes of all is having too much furniture in an area so it looks cluttered and messy.

It’s important to allow for ease of access. This is referred to as ‘access’ and ‘egress’. To comply with codes and standards one must be able to move freely about a space and there are set guidelines as to how far apart furniture should be placed depending on the application and the environment.

Comfort is Key

No matter what the application or type of commercial space, having comfortable furniture is an absolute priority. Ergonomics are extremely important in commercial interiors to ensure staff and customers don’t injure themselves.

Wow factor

Once all of the other factors outlined above have been ticked off, its vital that the pieces you select offer a level of ‘wow’ factor! The look and feel of your business interior is going to reflect on your company and your brand. You want your customers and clients to not only feel comfortable in the space, but to also be impressed and delighted.

Tips for Buying Commercial Furniture 3

Click on the video link below to meet business owner Joseph and find out what made his experience of shopping for commercial furniture such a positive one.

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