Buying Guide to TV Units

July 27, 2016
Buying Guide to TV Units

With the Olympic Games fast approaching there’s no better time to update your living room with a new TV unit and create a space that makes viewing the games more fun and exciting!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians spend approximately 4 hours per day in front of their television, or the equivalent of one month per year. Given that we enjoy our TV leisure time so much, (especially during these cold winter months), it makes sense to create a beautiful setting around it – and this starts with having the right entertainment unit for your space.

Before purchasing a new entertainment or TV unit there are some important factors to consider. These factors will help you to make the right choice and will ensure your new unit compliments your living room or TV lounge perfectly.

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Here’s what to consider:

Room Size and Placement

The length and depth of your room will impact on the size of the unit that the room can take. It is important to measure the space to check that the unit will fit.

Check the dimensions of the unit you are interested in and measure it out on the floor using masking tape to indicate the outline. To help visualise the height, measure upward and place the making tape on the wall where the top of unit will sit. This will help you to see if the size and shape will work.

Look at the proportions, if you have a long wall, select a longer unit to help create a seamless look. For smaller or awkward shaped rooms, consider a corner unit which is a great space saving option.

Your Needs

Introducing an new entertainment Unit is the perfect time to consider your storage needs. Make sure you have adequate space to house stereo equipment, gaming stations and the like but perhaps you have additional storage needs also?

TV units can be used to either hide away or display DVD’s (if you still have them), magazines, books and games etc. Generally it’s better to hide these elements away as they can tend to create visual clutter. Consider the amount of shelves and drawers needed to house all of these items.

Style and Aesthetics

Often the TV can become the focal point of a room. It should not. Having the right type of TV unit will help to detract from the solid shape and heaviness of a TV and will help to create visual balance. If you have a dark carpet it is important to create a sense of relief, so opting for an entertainment unit in a light timber or white will help to ‘lift’ the space.

Consider the style of the space. If you have a very modern space you may prefer something sleek in a gloss or matte finish. For a Scandinavian style home, blonde timbers work best while a more traditional interior lends itself well to darker timbers. Just make sure the colour and style compliments the rest of your furniture.

A TV unit is also the perfect place to create a vignette. Select decorative objects to style it with such as books, vases, ornaments, picture frames or a table lamp. This will create visual interest and help to detract from the television itself.

Height & Distance

For wall mounted TV’s, determining the right height for your TV in essential for optimum viewing comfort. Ideally the centre of the TV should sit at eye-level when you are seated on the sofa. Measure from the floor up to your eye level to check the optimum height. For standing TV’s a stand can be purchased if necessary to being the TV up to the right height.

It’s also important position to consider the optimum distance from your screen to sofa. The size of your TV screen will determine how far back the sofa should sit. You can check this with your TV manufacturer, however, us the dimensions below as a general guideline.

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So whether or not your entertainment unit is the focal point of the room, ensure that the size is suitable for the room’s proportions, check that you have allowed for adequate storage space, ensure that the style compliments the rest of your homes décor and try to locate the TV and sofa at the correct height and distance to allow for optimum viewing comfort.

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