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Create the Ultimate Kids Bedroom

December 20, 2017
Create the Ultimate Kids Bedroom

Children have a huge amount of energy and as such, spend a good part of their day running around wearing themselves out. It’s no wonder they require around 9-13 hours of sleep - In fact, a child will per spend up to 40% of his or her childhood asleep!

It is vital for children to get the right amount of sleep as it directly impacts on their mental and physical development. This is why it is so important for children to have a sleep sanctuary that is not only comforting and encourages quality sleep, but that also stimulates the imagination so they can have beautiful dreams.

Below are 7 sleep-friendly bedroom design ideas that are easy to introduce and will have your child begging you to go to bed early!

Children’s Beds & Bedding

The first step is to select a comfortable bed that your child can can grow into, that’s fun to look at and encourages imagination and creativity. The bed acts a main focal point for a bedroom so cute bed linen is a must. Select something that's colourful and spunky, but most importantly something that your child loves. Bed linen is the most versatile decorative element in bedrooms as it's easy to update with changing trends or children's tastes as they grow up.

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Supportive Mattress and Comfy Pillows

Having a mattress and pillow that offers comfort and support that is on the firmer side helps to promote healthy bone development and keep the spine properly aligned. Purchasing a mattress topper is a good way to make firm mattresses feel softer without affecting its level of support.

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Storage for Children’s Rooms

Keeping the bedroom tidy and free of clutter will also help to create a sense of well-being and promote better sleep. A messy room and visual clutter can actually increase stress levels so implementing adequate storage solutions is a key consideration.

Children’s Wall Coverings

Decorating your child’s bedroom with soft muted or pastel colours will help to create a restful, calming environment. Bright, bold, solid colours can over stimulate and are better when used in designated play rooms. Select a paint that is durable and washable so any “artwork” can be easily cleaned.

Alternatively, a removable wall covering is a great option. You can choose a scene that your child loves and when they grow out of it or their tastes change, it can be easily removed and replaced. Pickawall have some great designs. Their wall coverings are highly durable made from a fabric like canvas that is self-adhesive. It does not rip or tear, can be wiped clean and is removable and reusable.

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Children’s Rugs, Cushions and Throw Blankets

Children need a soft place to land. Even if the bedroom is already carpeted adding a rug will create and extra layer of softness and define the space to create an area for playing and reading.

Adding some floor cushions to cuddle up to in a range of textures such as velvets, knitted and even fur provide a fun, soft, tactile element which could be used as a place to relax or even nap on. A soft snugly throw blanket will ensure they're always warm and cocooned.

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Night Lighting

Soft lighting creates a nice ambiance and can help promote sleep by offering a sense of security. A night light wards off monsters and offers a sense comfort to children when they wake up in the night. It’s also useful during story time which is of course an essential bed time ritual to get children to go to bed on time.


Playing restful, soothing music to a child at bedtime can help to relax a child and improve sleep quality. Playing background music before bed is also said to boost brain development and even help to reduce pain.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Kids Beds range.

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