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Childrens Bedrooms

January 30, 2014
Childrens Bedrooms

Did you ever dream as a child that your bedroom had a magical tree with a giant swing and fairies painted on the wall?

Well, now it can! The kid’s bedroom can be a very fun space in the home.

The age of your child, or children, will impact what their needs are and therefore what you will need to consider for the kids bedroom renovation.


The key considerations for a nursery are comfort and functionality.

Think about internal window coverings that provide adequate light block out – so the baby can get a restful sleep during the day.

Take care in selecting heating and cooling options so the baby remains comfortable in all weather conditions.

When selecting flooring be aware of the materials noise factor, you don’t want to wake the baby when you peek in too check up on them.

Furthermore, the flooring material should be easily cleaned and maintained. With a baby comes lots of items so a great storage solution is desirable.

Think about built in cabinetry and shelving units. Lastly, what to do on the walls!

There are some amazing nursery wall decals, beautiful calming pastel paint colours and gorgeous nursery themed wallpaper on the market.

Pick something you love and build the theme throughout the room.

Baby Nursery


Your baby has grown up and it’s time they move to a “big bedroom”.

Similar principles to a nursery design apply to a child’s bedroom renovation.

Now they are more active and inquisitive, storage solutions are a key consideration.

Think about the safety of your child and whether or not you need child locks on your cabinetry.

Kids love to experiment and as such, many a child’s wall has been “decorated” with pastels.

Choose a paint that is durable and washable so any “artwork” can be easily cleaned.

Choose a flooring solution that is comfortable for your child to play on and easily cleaned.

Childrens Bedroom


Now your youngster is at high school, their needs from being a child change considerably when it comes to a bedroom renovation.

Physically they will have outgrown not only the style of their child’s bedroom, but the actual functionality as well.

Homework starts to increase so consider the addition of a study desk and some great cabinetry with ample storage for sporting and musical equipment, trophies etc.

Teenagers these days have lots of electronic devices so if your renovation is an extension, consider extra power points.

Incorporate efficient task lighting both at the desk and near the bed for reading.

Teenagers are renowned for spending copious amounts of time in their bedroom so consider effective heating and cooling options.

Teenager Boy Bedroom

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