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Chevron & Herringbone in The Home

April 30, 2015
Chevron & Herringbone in The Home

Herringbone is a very distinctive pattern that acquired its name due to its resemblance to the skeleton of a herring fish. It’s best described as a v-shaped pattern that looks like a broken zigzag. Herringbone comprises columns of short parallel lines. These lines are arranged in one column sloping one way and all the lines in the next column slope the other way. Whereas chevron, is a pattern that consist of a lines or stripes in the shape of a V or an inverted V.

Below, the pattern on the left is herringbone and to the right, is the chevron pattern.

chevron and herringbone pattern

When it comes to using herringbone and chevron patterns in your interior designs, the options are really only limited to your creative flair. As you can imagine, these patterns can make a striking addition to your space so, a thoughtful and considered application is preferable.

Feature Walls

A herringbone or chevron patterned feature wall can really add texture and depth to a space. Timber inlaid with the pattern can create drama and a focal point for the interior. The clever use below helps anchor the room and enhance the pitch angle of the ceiling creating the illusion of extra space.

rsz 1heringbone on lungeroom wall45


A bold, but if executed well, herringbone or chevron timber or patterned vinyl plank flooring can be the focal point of the room. This application can suit many styles of interiors from country to contemporary.

rsz french apartment with herringbone


A beautiful application for an outdoor courtyard or driveway, using bricks to create the herringbone or chevron pattern add plenty of charm and character. This is also a terrific application for a garden path that meanders around the flower beds as the natural points in the pattern, emphasise the direction of way-finding.

rsz french courtyard with herringbone


Either thin or thick, as a full wall or as a panel feature, on the floor or as a border tile - herringbone and chevron patterned tiles can be the most amazing application for a bathroom, ensuite, powder-room or even to spruce up an otherwise unexciting laundry. When it comes to selecting a grout, if you're using two different coloured tiles we would recommend choosing a grout colour that matches one of the two tiles. If you were to introduce a contrasting colour grout, just be mindful that it will create a pattern that further enhances the V lines so, this may be too busy for the look you're trying to achieve.

rsz herringbone tiles in bathroom


If you're feeling apprehensive about incorporating chevron or herringbone into your space, then the perfect solution is to slowly introduce this style with subtle accents. These can be quickly and easily removed if you find the striking pattern is not too your liking. Think herringbone or chevron towels in the bathroom, a rug in the study, some picture frames in the living room, a cushion on the sofa, a framed mirror, a fireplace guard, a tablecloth, linen the options go on!

rsz chevron firplace grill

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