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Cellars & Basements

January 30, 2014
Cellars & Basements

When it comes to home renovations, space is usually what we want more of.

Without altering the exterior of your home, renovating the cellar or basement in your home can provide extra living space.

If you require the addition of more storage, perhaps a games room or a home cinema, the cellar or basement is ideal for this given the lack of natural light and windows.

There are some basic things you need to consider prior to converting your cellar or basement into a useable living space.

  • Be sure to adhere to any building, or council, codes when it comes to planning your cellar or basement renovation as this may impact your decision making.

  • Seek professional advice before any structural changes are made to your cellar or basement.

  • Will the height and size of your existing cellar or basement be adequate for the room renovation you’re planning or, do you need to look at means and ways of increasing this.

  • Cellar and basements are renowned for housing moisture. Be aware of this and again, seek professional advice before undertaking any cellar or basement renovation.

  • Given the location of cellars and basements, lighting needs to be a key consideration in your planning. Your lighting needs will be heavily dependent upon what the purpose the cellar or basement will be used for.

  • Given your cellar or basement was probably used as a storage area prior to the renovation, be clear on what heating and cooling you will require to make the living space habitable.

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