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Cast Iron Stove & Oven Cooking

January 30, 2014
Cast Iron Stove & Oven Cooking

Cast Iron was the number one choice for stoves and heating when it first came about in the 1880’s and for the following decades.

It was sturdy, extremely long lasting and even acted as a heater for the home.

Today, nothing has changed. Cast Iron stoves and ovens are still renowned for these fantastic features and are now built with the modern cook in mind.

The Cast Iron stove today, is designed for the “cook’s cook”, the one who loves spending their time making and creating beautiful food.

If this sounds like you, then a Cast Iron Stove & Oven could be the perfect option for you.

There are many benefits to using a Cast Iron stove and oven:

  • It stands up to heat and adjusts to changes in temperature easily.
  • It is an extremely sturdy and strong material. Stoves and ovens made from cast iron last decades and are well worth the investment.
  • Cast Iron is extremely efficient at conducting heat. Once the area begins to warm, it will disperse it evenly and maintain this temperature. This makes Cast iron one of the most controllable stoves and ovens around.
  • A Cast Iron stove and oven can also be used for home hot water heating and also as a room heating device. This is because of their ability to maintain a certain temperature at all times.
  • There is the ability to use many different types of fuel technologies with Cast Iron stoves and cooktops: gas, electric, induction, solid fuel and wood. The ability of the cast iron oven to take wood as a fuel is a fantastic option for those looking to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Cast Iron accepts the addition of enamel easily, giving you the option of endless colours and designs for your cast iron stove and oven.

A Cast Iron stove and oven will be an expensive outlay; but it should be considered an investment piece because this stove and oven will give you a lifetime of fond memories and amazing food.

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