Carpet Styles

January 30, 2014
Carpet Styles

The style or the “pile” of the carpet you select will depend on the traffic use.

Some piles are more suited to high traffic areas while others are soft and luxurious and better suited to formal living areas which aren't used as often.

Loop Pile Carpet

The carpet is simply threaded through the backing and then threaded again back through the front to create the loop.

Level Loop Pile Carpet

All loops are one length and carpets that have a short level loop are excellent for use in high traffic areas.

Multilevel Loop Pile Carpet

Carpets can be threaded to create one, two or even three different heights. A multilevel loop pile carpet is used to create a pattern and gives off a more textured look.

Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile simply has the loops of the carpet cut off the top to create fibres that stand upright.

Plush and Velvet Carpet

A velvet and plush cut pile carpet has the loops cut many times, giving it a soft and smooth feel. Their elegant looks make them ideal for formal living spaces.

Cut Pile Twist

A cut Pile Twist carpet has the cut ends twisted. It is less likely to show footprints due to the twisted nature of the fibre.


The fibres of this cut pile carpet are much longer than the others, giving off an extremely textured appearance.

Combination Cut & Loop

The combination of using both the cut pile and loop pile allows manufactures to create beautiful and interesting patterns and texture.

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