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Canvas & Canvas

March 16, 2015
Canvas & Canvas

Launched in 2012, Canvas & Canvas is a boutique online art gallery that sell specially designed original artworks, hand-painted by the Canvas & Canvas team of artists. With the mission statement of 'rescuing the world from sad walls', it is easy to understand why these colourful and fun artworks are such a hit worldwide.

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There are over 300 original artworks to choose from in their range, each designed and painted using a mix of oil and acrylic paints on a cotton canvas. The creative team believe that art should be used as a statement piece in all rooms of the house, as such each design is available in four sizes. The pieces are designed to suit whichever room of the house needs a colourful boost, be it the bedroom, sitting room or even bathroom.

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Part of a new movement of artists making art accessible for everyone, the team behind Canvas & Canvas have assured all their pieces are well priced and even offer free shipping globally. How can you go wrong with that! However, whilst they have taken the elite element out of their great artwork, Canvas & Canvas pieces are not massed produced. To ensure every painting is original, the designs have been capped so only 99 will be sold worldwide. limited edition to only 99 being sold of each design.

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Not only is the uniqueness of each piece ensured through the capping of how many of each design is sold, but the innovative team at Canvas & Canvas have undertaken an amazing new endeavour to allow every person to become their own artist and every piece being completely unique. Through a revolutionary colour slider function, consumers can choose the perfect hue and saturation on the artwork to match their interior and tastes. As soon as an order is placed, the Canvas & Canvas artists paint the artwork exactly to your specifications. This ground-breaking feature is a first of its kind for customising original hand-painted artwork online.

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This cutting edge innovation is also seen in the Happy Wall App. This Free Happy Wall iPhone App allows users to place any Canvas & Canvas artwork in their interior and adjust the colours with the colour slider before purchasing. It is for these technological advancements and cutting edge forward thinking that Canvas & Canvas has become the business is where it is today.

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