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Bring Romance Home With Canningvale 

January 28, 2016
Bring Romance Home With Canningvale

On February 14th, forget a night at a hotel or trip to the day spa to indulge your loved one. Make Valentine’s Day last the whole year through by creating a romantic haven in the comfort of your own home. This original and personalised gesture will win hearts and truly show your devotion and creativity in the home!

With a little help and inspiration from our friends at Canningvale, leaders in premium bedding and towels, we will show you how making a small investment in life’s little luxuries; can evoke a sense of romance in your home and add a touch of spice to your love life.

Our romantic mission centres on two rooms, the bedroom and bathroom. What better rooms to focus on than those that provide us with both rejuvenation and relaxation on a daily basis. So let’s turn up the tempo and transform them into a Valentines’ delight!

canningvale stool and bath towels

The Bathroom

Often when designing bathrooms, the bath, tile and vanity selection overshadows the finer, finishing details. Sometimes, you find that you’ve used up all your resources to purchase the big ticket items, resulting in no option but to continue to utilise thin, faded towels that clash with your new surrounds and, undermine the quality of your work. However, by updating the bathroom essentials you will not only inject style back into your bathroom but, you’ll also enjoy the feel of luxury premium towels every day.

We sought some advice from the expert’s at Canningvale to better understand what to look for when selecting new towels.

Firstly, the perfect towel should be lustrous and absorbent and soft to the touch. One of our favourites is the luxurious Royale Towel Collection at 700gsm, it's Canningvale's most plush and sumptuous Towel ever created. Made from carefully selected long staple fibre cottons and available in all components - Queen Bath Towel, Bath Sheet, Hand Towel, Face Washer and Bath Mat in 8 designer colours to suit any decor.

For those searching for a great value option, you can’t go past an entire set of the modern, lighter weight Corduroy Rib 9 piece pack collection. Included are bath and hand towels, face washers and a bath mat. There are a range of colours to select from such as Ice Blue which is a lovely option to add a hint of colour to your bathroom. For those wanting a vibrant feature colour, you will love the Viridian selection – for a splash of turquoise.

When it comes to winding down after a long day at work nothing is more soothing than soaking weary bones and stressed minds in a hot bath. So turn down the lighting and lead your loved one to destination relaxation with a trail of rose petals and a glass of bubbles. Your valentine will be endeared by your thoughtfulness when they step out of the bath and wrap themselves in your hand picked, plush luxury bath towel. With a renewed spirit, your valentine will be ready to settle in for a romantic dinner for two - oh didn’t we tell you, you’re cooking too!


The Bedroom

It goes without saying, your bed is the focal point of the bedroom both aesthetically and comfort wise. Your choice of bed not only sets the vibe of the room but, dictates how well you’ll sleep.

There are two elements that can make a dramatic difference to your comfort and enhance the quality of your sleep. Firstly, have you ever wondered what’s underneath the sheets? Before you get too excited, we’re referring to the layer between the mattress and the sheets or, Canningvale’s Luxury Mattress Topper to be precise. To experience a heavenly night’s sleep look no further. One of the reasons this mattress topper is our preferred choice is that it mimic’s the air trapping properties of duck and goose down, minus the use of animal products. Not only will you stay super warm you also have peace of mind knowing it’s an ethical product. This selection is bound to be appreciated by animal lovers and win you bonus points for attention to detail.

Secondly, investing in quality sheets is a must to create a five star linen experience. It’s all about the thread count. Be it The Mille 1000 Threat Count Cotton Sateen sheets or the silky texture and softness of the 1500 Thread Count Cotton Rich sheet set, Canningvale has a set of luxe bed sheets perfect for your loved one.

As the night draws to a close, turn down the bed and complete the romantic ambience by lighting one of Canningvale’s beautifully scented soy wax candles set in a sophisticated black glass jar; a stunning keepsakes for your loved one to enjoy year round.

Home is where the heart is and sceted candle

Thanks to Canningvale’s fantastic selection of linen and towels to transform your abode, there’s no need to go any further than your front door to celebrate with your nearest and dearest this Valentine ’s Day.

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