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Canningvale Australia

December 08, 2015
Canningvale Australia

In 1976, a small Italian family immigrated to Perth, Australia. They brought with them two weaving looms that would eventually lead them down a path of prosperity, success and influence in the woven fabric world.

Before immigrating to Australia the Prainito family lived in Bergamo, Italy, owning a share in a boutique terry towel mill. After a fishing vacation to Perth, Australia in 1975, Giovanni Prainito decided his family’s future prospects would be better served in the safe lucky country of Australia. Giovanni’s early decision set a new trajectory for the family and their own weaving journey begun.

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With eldest Son Frank at the helm, Canningvale Weaving Mills, in its first few years serviced the commercial towel industry and over the years grew to be the most technologically advanced weaving mill in the country. Employing over 550 people and producing at its peak production over 53,000 towels a day and bedding, the mill operated 24/7- 364 days of the year.

Canningvale Weaving Mills designed and produced bath, beach & fashion towels for the biggest brands and labels in the Australian and international markets, for many years.

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In the 1990’s Canningvale Weaving Mills were exporting and manufacturing products for boutique fashion retailers in the USA. Canningvale products spoke for themselves in terms of quality, they designed and produced for fashion houses such as Tommy Hilfiger and designer department stores like Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Strouds and Eddie Bauer. In fact, US giant Bloomingdales commissioned Canningvale to produce their own private label Platinum Towel range, which soon became a best seller. Other products and ranges were developed for well-known brands such as Country Road, Sheridan, Sportscraft, Designers Guild and the majority of private label towels in many leading department stores across Australia.

Today, Canningvale Australia continues to be privately owned and operated by the founding Prainito family now with third generation family members strengthening the team.

Canningvale continues to innovate, design and source high quality home wares from around the globe from its Melbourne base. Now in its third generation the company has diversified from the towel industry expanding into the Manchester and linen industries, while still maintaining a strong Wholesale arm, Canningvale Australia have recently launched their new website where they present their full collection online at

We had the pleasure of recently speaking with Jordan Prainito, Director and Head of International Business Development about Canningvale’s long and notable history. Jordan’s father Francesco, or better known as Frank, has been at the helm of the business since 1979 when he took over his father Giovanni’s position as CEO.

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“The Canningvale team, doesn’t just extend to family members of the Prainito name. We have a highly experienced, knowledgeable and talented team that support us in Melbourne and overseas.” Jordan explains.

With Canningvale’s national marketing office located in Melbourne for over 20 years, the family decided to close their Perth factory as they thought it was a natural transition and choice for the business to be wholly based in Melbourne where the original marketing office was located.

“Our products have integrity; we want each and every one of them to deliver luxury and comfort. Of course, we also want our customers to enjoy each product so much that they use them every day and we become their favorite go-to brand for towel and sheets,” Jordan says.

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What to look for when choosing new bath towels can be confusing, however, Jordan explains that there are a few simple things to look for when shopping for quality bath linen.

“A great towel is lustrous, and absorbent. Pick it up, when you hold the towel, make sure that it feels crisp and cool to the touch. A great towel should be soft to touch but never limp”. Jordan explains.

Jordan goes further to explain that a good quality towel should also have straight edges and hems and when held it should drape evenly.

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“A great towel will have a clear, lint free surface and minimal fluffing. If it has any loose fibres on the surface, this indicates that the cotton yarn used may be of low quality or may have been overdyed during the manufacturing process. This results in brittle loose fibres and excess linting or fluffing will continue to occur even after multiple washes.”

Jordan explains that Canningvale’s unwavering commitment to quality products, innovation and exceptional customer service are the hallmark of their success.

At Canningvale, you can expect products such as bath towels, beach towels or bedding and linen that are flawless in design and performance. Each product they create is fit for purpose, with the upmost comfort and luxury in mind. They proudly back their products with a free 5 year warranty. One touch is all you need to know that the good staff at Canningvale have woven all your hopes and desires into a stylish and delightful quality piece that is perfect as a gift for you or a loved one.

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House of Home would like to thank Jordan Prainito from Canningvale Australia, for speaking to us.

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