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Camberwell Potteries Roofing

July 21, 2014
Camberwell Potteries Roofing

Lisa from Camberwell Potteries Roofing is a numbers girl.

Day in and day out, her brain is always ticking and always thinking in numbers.

“I love what I do and all my clients know, I’m not ruled by money; I am a problem solver and I solve problems with numbers”.

Lisa is an Estimator at Camberwell Potteries Roofing, the largest roof replacement company in Melbourne.

Her problem solving skills are some of the most sought after in the building industry.

Whilst Lisa had been paving her way within the building industry for over 20 years, she stumbled across the roofing industry by accident.

“7½ years ago I was working next door to Camberwell Potteries Roofing, and the owner Glenn knew my skills in the building trade and knew I needed a challenge. I came over here for that challenge and for something a little different…and I was thrown into the deep end!”

Being an Estimator means that Lisa is the backbone of Camberwell Potteries Roofing.

When any job comes in, she is the one who will make it happen.

"I quote jobs for home owners, I quote jobs for builders, I quote jobs for maintenance work, I quote CSR contracts and on top of all that I run our showroom”

Being a problem solver, Lisa knows the first question to ask her clients whether they are in need of something affordable or something long term for their roof.

This helps her to recommend which roofing product will suit their needs and budget.

Working so closely with her clients, Lisa has developed a real knack for knowing what customers are looking for in their roof tiles.

Camberwell Potteries Roofing are certified Monier & Wunderlich roof tile installers.

“Terracotta roof tiles are the most popular with our customers. Terracotta is definitely a long term product with a great reputation” Lisa says.

“My favourite colour to recommend clients is Charcoal, the dark contrast makes such a statement”.

Lisa’s love of working with people stems from her travel days in her younger years.

“I spent 6 years travelling and working in Asia and spoke 5 languages. To this day I am still fascinated with people and cultures; every single person has a story”.

When Lisa left school, she realised that she was definitely the hands on type.

“I used to spend my time off renovating houses. My favourites were old buildings; they were especially challenging” she says.

“I am definitely a hand on person” Lisa continues.

“It’s my dream to build my very own house from the stumps up”.

This drive and determination has been inspired by Lisa’s mother.

“She is such a giving spirit, she’s’ humble and has a heart of gold”.

When you speak to Lisa, you immediately see these same qualities within her.

And that’s what makes her so good at what she does.

Contact Lisa at Camberwell Potteries Roofing today for a no-obligation quote for your renovation.

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