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5 Questions to Ask when Buying a King Size Bed

February 13, 2015
5 Questions to Ask when Buying a King Size Bed

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and there’s nothing more inviting than seeing an oversized, overstuffed bed waiting for you to come relax in. This is why King Size beds are so revered in bedroom culture. They are elegant, spacious, and luxurious. The problem is that while gorgeous as a statement piece, many people don’t actually have the room to fit them. Here’s 5 questions you should be asking before buying a king sized bed.

1. What style am I looking for?

Before you buy your bed, you'll first want to consider your style. Are you going vintage, leather, modern, or embellished (Black Velvet King Size Bed Head)? Remember that your bed is going to be the statement piece of your bedroom, so make sure it says exactly what you want it to.

2. Do I have enough space?

King size beds are luxurious and spacious, with the average king size mattress measuring about 193 cm wide by 203 cm long. This is almost the equivalent of each party in the bed having their own twin mattress to sleep on. Does your bedroom actually have enough space for a grand king size bed without feeling too cramped? Measure out the space you will need in your bedroom, including the space your dresser and bedside tables will take up. You wouldn’t want to get cramped into your nice new bedroom!

3. Will my bed fit through my doorframe?

Alright, so you’ve measured out your floor plan and bedroom furniture, but have you measured your door frames? Apartment and house door frames will vary in style and size, so make sure you’ve properly measured both your door frame to your bedroom and your front door, as well as considered the width and angles of your hallway. Is there anything that’s going to make moving your new bed into your home awkward, or even impossible? Best to find out now before you’re stuck with a king size mattress laying against the hallway wall in your apartment complex.

4. What’s my price point?

King size beds can make your bedroom feel like your kingdom, and it’s a good thing too as beds can be expensive! Set your price point before you start your search to avoid disappointment. Your bedframe and mattress are important to your health and happiness, as it’s where you spend a lot of your time. Decide how much money you are willing to put into your setup.

5. What kind of mattress support will I need?

When you sleep you want to make sure your slumber is comfortable and restful, and above all you want to make sure you’re taking care of your back! Are you going to need personal support different from that of your partners? If so, you might want to consider a King-Split bed, with dual mattresses that can be adjusted to suit each parties need.These mattresses can be well hidden and appear just as a regular king size mattress would when covered with a sheet and bedding.