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Buying Australian made office furniture 

February 25, 2014
Buying Australian made office furniture

Why buy Australian made office furniture?

It’s a question asked commonly across not only the furniture, but most manufacturing and retail areas.
There is always going to be a market for either mass-produced, lowest-cost overseas office furniture, as well as luxury-end, premium priced overseas commercial furniture. But there are still plenty of compelling reasons to consider buying Aussie made office furniture as well! Raw Materials

Australia is blessed with unique raw materials, such as certain timbers, that are native to this country.

There is an incredible depth of character and uniqueness that comes with using raw materials for office furniture. Certainly an office’s geography can play an important role in its work brand and culture, so capturing that local quality through locally-sourced, locally-made office furniture can bring a very authentic and individual appeal to a workplace.

Local Craftsmanship

In recent times we have seen a resurgence of interest in handmade furniture, and that can certainly be a way of adding a unique mark to an office space. Just as important is the regard to function as well as form – work by local craftspeople potentially delivers a strong attention to detail and a reliability to the office furniture. Moreover, it could well fall in your favour to purchase Australian made office furniture and benefit from maintenance/ ongoing care that could form part of your purchase negotiations.

Supporting the Local Economy

Local purchases help stimulate the local economy. It is that simple.

Fair Employment

Australian made office furniture is developed by companies that must adhere to Australian Law in terms of fair wages and fair workplace conditions. Purchasing Australian made office furniture is your way of supporting our system, versus conditions that in some overseas countries are not nearly as favourable and fair.

House of Home supports the Australian furniture industry and, as part of that, we support and encourage the purchase of Australian made office furniture

We hope you enjoy searching our site for Australian made furniture pieces that are just right for your office

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