Buying A Kitchen Sink & Kitchen Taps

January 30, 2014
Buying A Kitchen Sink & Kitchen Taps

Kitchen sinks are a focal point of any kitchen design.

When you are researching the best kitchen sink for your kitchen design there are several important things to consider:

  • Quality and durability of the kitchen sink and the choice of kitchen sink material
  • Size of the kitchen sink bowl
  • Configuration of the kitchen sink bowls and kitchen sink drainers
  • Style of kitchen sink design

Kitchen Sink Materials

Most people are familiar with stainless steel sinks, but there are other equally durable materials available for your kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks can be made from porcelain, fireclay is a popular choice for French provincial kitchens; Corian is a moulded solid acrylic product that allows for kitchen sinks and drainers in a wide range of colours.

Stainless Steel kitchen sinks are not all of the same quality. There are three factors that affect the quality of your stainless steel kitchen sink. Stainless steel comes in varying thicknesses (known as gauge). A 16 gauge stainless steel kitchen sink is one of the thickest available and will be more durable, being more resistant to dents.

Good quality stainless steel kitchen sinks should also be fitted with sound installation to dampen the noise of washing up in your kitchen sink.

The grade of the stainless steel is also important in determining the longevity of your stainless steel kitchen sink. Stainless steel can be one of four grades. Cheap kitchen sinks will be made of the lowest grade, 201. Better quality sinks will be made from 302, and premium quality kitchen sinks will be made from 304 grades stainless steel. The best grade of stainless steel will be less likely to corrode, oxidise, or rust.

By the best stainless steel kitchen sink you can afford and it will stay shinier and look newer for longer.

Size of the Kitchen Sink Bowl

The size of the kitchen sink bowl that you choose comes down to two questions – how much space do you have on your kitchen sink and how much washing up do you do in your kitchen sink? Lots of people and lots of clean up needs a bigger kitchen sink. Small kitchen or limited kitchen bench space may mean a smaller sink size.

Configuration of the Kitchen Sink Bowls & Drainers

Choosing the configuration of your kitchen sink is all about your personal clean up preferences. In general its wash on the left side of the kitchen sink and the drainer on the right side of the kitchen sink. But your choice of kitchen sink is completely up to you. If you have a lot of large size dishes and pots make sure your kitchen sink is large enough to fit them in. Also think about whether you want one kitchen sink bowl or a double bowl kitchen sink. And whether you need both kitchen sink bowls to be full sized.

Style of Kitchen Sink Design

Kitchen sinks can either be a drop in or undermount design. Work out with your kitchen designer what will suit your kitchen design best.

Kitchen Sink Accessories

When you have chosen your kitchen sink don’t forget to think about towel rails to hold your kitchen towels.

Kitchen Taps

And don’t forget about your kitchen tap choice. The kitchen sink you chose will come with a varying number of kitchen tap holes. A single hole is for a mixer tap. If there are three holes in your kitchen sink, the sink is designed for two kitchen taps and a spout. A sink mixer is considered more convenient than two separate taps. Mixer taps can also be fitted with a pull out hose, making washing up in your kitchen sink easier.