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Building An Outdoor Shower

March 03, 2015
Building An Outdoor Shower

Having an outdoor shower with hot water is a little luxury that I love about our garden design. When we were thinking about the design for our outdoor living area and ideas for how we used the garden, including a shower was high on the list. I wanted an outdoor shower design that blended in with the garden, so that even when we weren’t using it, it would look great. We started by finding a beautiful copper shower head that was designed to be used in the outdoors. From there, we sourced copper plumbing fittings that matched the copper shower head. I’ve since discovered that you can actually buy complete outdoor shower kits, which would have made things easier.

Here’s how we built our outdoor shower

We worked out where the outdoor shower was going. Key consideration was I love hot showers, so we made sure that our design for the outdoor shower allowed it to be plumbed directly from the hot water system. Having hot water meant that we needed to use a plumber, but we did the design, sourced the shower fittings and did the preparation work ourselves. We also dug the trench from the hot water system to the shower, as well as the drainage pit. For the back of the outdoor shower we used an old railway sleeper concreted into the ground. The rustic look blended in well with the garden.

Outdoor Shower Head

Outdoor Shower Taps

The plumber came and fitted off the pipes for the outdoor shower. For the floor of our outdoor shower we used a flat rock, in keeping with the rustic design.

Outdoor Shower Stone Base

My favourite things about our outdoor shower?

  1. It’s like a sprinkler for adults!
  2. Watching the kids play under it, making leaf boats to sail through the garden.
  3. Have I mentioned our outdoor shower has hot water? The best! Showering under hot water in amongst the garden is really relaxing. Its almost like being on holidays.
  4. After a spa or playing on the slip & slide the kids rinse off outside, and get dry without the whole house getting wet.

The garden & outdoor shower both get a lot of use during summer, and it’s a perfect way to relax, and enjoy your outdoor space.

Inspired to create your very own outdoor shower?

Then shop a range of beautiful shower fittings to make your dream a reality!

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