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January 30, 2014
Browse all Furniture Alternatives


There’s a definite art to making great furniture purchases and the big secret is to not make the purchase an emotional one.

Try to resist buying the first piece that you fall in love with! Instead, stop, assess and continue to browse.

Plan Before You Set Out

Have an itemised list and be prepared to stick very firmly to it. Have a list set out by room- know what you need for the bedroom, office and dining room. Don’t even look at items that aren’t on your list- the decisions will be hard enough without further confusion!

Have the dimensions and requirements for each individual piece noted- if it’s a cabinet you’re shopping for, you should know that this is for the lounge room, the dimensions (make sure you have measured personally) it needs to be and whether you want glass or solid doors and what you plan to store in it. Don’t compromise!

Think About It

The most mistakes happen when a piece of furniture is particularly wonderful- but not for entirely practical reasons. No matter how much you ‘love’ something, if it doesn’t fit the specific criteria that you have set out with, it’s not the piece of furniture for you. For example if you have set out to buy an entertainment unit for the living room and happen across a wonderful vintage cabinet that won’t fit a wide screen television, it’s not the one for you. In fact, buying it will be a frustrating experience. Measurements do not lie!

If you really love something, take the time and give yourself some space to think about it. It will still be wonderful tomorrow and any furniture seller worth patronising should allow you a twenty four hour grace period to think about any big purchases.

Get the Basics Right

When you’re shopping for furniture, pay attention to the bones, the frame, the base. Upholstery, colour, tint- these can all be changed later. If you buy a good quality piece that’s well made from the ground up, you’re getting a better piece of furniture and one that will potentially have a good resale value if you should ever decide to sell to another savvy buyer.

Get the Right Price

Like other shopping, furniture buying is competitive. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and don’t be afraid to shop around.

It’s not rude or pushy to do this- when you’re buying a lot of furniture, it’s just practical! You might find that by purchasing a number of items from one retailer that you can get a better price.

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