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Stylish Filtered Kitchen Taps

January 27, 2016
Stylish Filtered Kitchen Taps

When it comes to your kitchen renovation, the planning and decision stage is vital in helping you achieve your dream space. As such, it’s important to understand that successful kitchen designs factor in three main zones; cooking, cleaning and a food preparation area.

Of these three zones, the tap traditionally falls within the cleaning zone and, can often be an afterthought. The selection of a kitchen tap is usually based upon aesthetics, budget and the design of the sink.

BRITA, a family owned company with nearly five decades of internationally renowned experience and expertise in filtering drinking water, are encouraging kitchen renovators to think about taps as being more than just a functional kitchen cleaning tool.

“Consumers love to have choice and, our BRITA filtered taps offer that. We understand the importance of aesthetics when it comes to your kitchen design however; equally we want to offer our customers something functional, convenient and assure them of its superior quality.” BRITA

Brita Kitchen Fitout

Benefits of a BRITA Filtered Tap System in your Kitchen

  • Functionality – filtered water from a BRITA tap is more convenient for families and home cooks who consume high volumes of water.

  • Wellness – BRITA taps are designed to remove chlorine, heavy metals and other taste impairing chemicals from your tap water.

  • Food Preparation – Chlorine is known to bleach vegetables and leach nutrients from your food. BRITA recommends that by using filtered water from one of their taps in your cooking, your vegetables will be brighter, your meals will taste better and there will be fewer chemicals and even more minerals.

  • Sustainability – no need to buy disposable plastic bottle filtered water anymore. Simply fill a reusable bottle with BRITA filtered water prior to leaving your home.

The benefits are crystal clear however, given the tap is such a focal point to the kitchen – what about the style?

“We understand the importance of having a stylish and functional kitchen and, the role your appliances play in achieving that. That’s why we take great pride in not only creating a product that is incredibly well-designed and efficient but, also gives the renovator a choice in style.” BRITA

Brita Kitchen Tap with vegetables

BRITA Filtered Tap Designs

BRITA has designed a filtered tap solution for any style of kitchen. Regardless of what style you select, all will provide cleaner, clearer great tasting filtered water at your fingertips for your home and family. All designs come with two levers; one for BRITA filtered water and the other for your regular unfiltered hot/cold water.

  • BRITA Tap WD 3010 – simple, stylish no-fuss; this is the perfect introduction to BRITA filtered taps.

Alt text
  • BRITA Tap WD 3020 – classic in design, the perfect “all-rounder”, this BRITA filtered tap would look right at home in any kitchen renovation.

Alt text
  • BRITA Tap WD 3030 – with its elongated design and swan like neck, this BRITA filtered tap is the perfect choice for a country style, Hampton look kitchen.

Alt text
  • BRITA Tap WD 3040 – the ultimate in elegance and functionality, this incredibly stylish BRITA filtered tap is the perfect balance between clean straight lines and curvaceous detail.

Alt text

Installation of Your BRITA Filtered Tap System

When it comes to installation of your chosen BRITA filtered tap, the filter system must comply with the relevant state or local plumbing regulations and standards (AS/NZS 3500).

Depending on the necessary method of connection to the cold water supply, additional valves/adaptors/components may be required, and the services of a licensed plumber may be necessary.

If you do not have an available connection to the cold water supply and it is necessary to cut into the cold water supply line, a licensed plumber is required.

BRITA filtered taps come with an A 1000 filter cartridge. The lifetime of this filter cartridge will depend on local water quality. For optimum performance and hygiene, BRITA recommends that the filter cartridge be replaced at least six-monthly.

Conveniently, your digital BRITA cartridge exchange indicator displays the remaining number of days until the filter cartridge is to be replaced and alerts you with an audible alarm after 180 days to change the cartridge.

The BRITA Tap Systems (Models: WD 3010, WD 3020, WD 3030 and WD 3040) are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of delivery.

This summer as you start to plan your kitchen renovation for 2016, keep in mind that the humble kitchen tap can offer you and your family more than just a cleaning solution.

With the benefits of a BRITA filtered tap, the choice seems clear – just like the beautiful water that flows from it.

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