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A Bathroom Reno. with a Champagne Result

December 14, 2016
A Bathroom Reno. with a Champagne Result

Fresh, clean, light, bright, sophisticated, timeless and functional are all words that accurately describe this striking bathroom in Oak Park, Victoria.

It’s these characteristics that were the key inspiration for home owner Clair Hill and exactly what she had hoped to achieve when visualising her perfect bathroom design.

After recently completing a renovation on her living room, Clair decided it was time to upgrade her 1950’s bathroom so that its aesthetic could better reflect the style of her beautiful new living area. The main focal point piece for this space is a huge black and white Coco Chanel artwork that oozes elegance, sophistication and class. The all white lounge is punctuated by matte black curtain rails, a glass table, and big palms in woven baskets – it’s modern, clean and inviting; exactly the look and feel Clair wanted to carry through to the bathroom.

Being Clair’s first bathroom reno. she was a little apprehensive about the re-modelling process and felt a lot of pressure on to get it right. She was dealing with a very dated bathroom that was problematic in terms of its size and its layout. The existing dull brown and cream tiles were an issue and despite looking dated, also made an already compact bathroom feel even smaller. Then there was the matter of the bath to deal with. No longer a requirement for Clair’s family, she wanted to take it out and replace it with a walk-in-shower to help open up the area and allow the layout to make better use of the available space.

After having done some online research Clair was confident with the look and style she wanted to create but wasn’t sure how to go about executing it all. She made the decision to seek the advice of a bathroom design showroom. After receiving an initial quotation for $15,000 Clair was completely taken a back and her hopes for a new bathroom became quashed.

Thankfully after overcoming the initial shock, Clair sought a second quote and it most certainly paid off. Upon a recommendation from her builder, Clair visited the Bourne Bathroom showroom in Flemington. She met with Michelle, Bourne’s bathroom design consultant who was able to bring Clair’s sparkling champagne vision to life with a beer budget!

Oak Park Bourne Bathrooms Dave on Your Bathroom Reno

Michelle took one took one look at Clair’s ideas and knew exactly what to recommend to create the style she wanted, however she was able to achieve this for almost a quarter of the price that was quoted by the previous bathroom retailer. Clair was able to create the bathroom of her dreams with everything she wanted for a total spend of $4,000! And with the money that Clair saved on her Bathroom she is now re-doing their 4th bedroom and painting the exterior of the house.

”Michelle was intuitive to my ideas and knew exactly what would work for the aesthetic I wanted to create. She was able to keep things well within the budget while still using great quality products’’ | Clair, Home owner.

Having a monochromatic colour scheme was important to Clair as it offers the flexibility to freely change the colour accents by way of towels and accessories. This means she and her family will never tire of the space and can easily make updates as trends change.

White subway tiles that go all the way to the ceiling were incorporated to make the space appear larger and to draw the eye upward. White was chosen to reflect the natural light coming in and to brighten the space. Large format rectangular grey tiles with light black flecks to match the tapware were used for the floor to ground the space and to also add a little bit of drama.

A custom 2 metre long walk-in-shower was added so both of Clair’s children could use the shower at the same time. A round white high gloss above-counter basin brings a sculptural element to an all-white vanity which works beautifully with the matte black tapware. The black was chosen as it makes a bold graphic statement that packs a punch and is easy to keep looking clean.

All of the products were sourced from Bourne Bathrooms under the direction of their design consultant Michelle. It was Michelle’s expertise that was vital to the smooth delivery of the project. Her knowledge of building regulations, ergonomics, standard sizes and placement distances meant that Clair didn’t need to worry about whether her bathroom would be compliant.

”Bourne Bathrooms were so easy to work with. The installation only took two days out of what was a 7 week renovation period. Delivery was free and the service was impeccable”.

Oak Park Bourne Bathrooms

This streamlined, minimalistic and modern bathroom beautifully reflects the Coco Chanel aesthetic it was designed to and there’s no doubt that this strategic renovation will also add lot a value to Clair’s property. The best thing about it is that she didn’t have to spend a fortune. Bourne Bathrooms know their products and had a great understanding of Clair’s vision. They advised on where to spend and where to save to meet the budget while working with Clair to create a design was functional and beautiful.

This renovation is living proof that by seeking the advice of a company who care about their customers it is possible to create the bathroom you have always dreamed of (without the price tag).

If you would like to visit a Bourne Bathroom showroom, the good news is there's bound to be one near you. They have showrooms in Flemington, Fawkner, Heathmont and Keysborough.

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