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Be Bold & Bright With Your Interior

July 31, 2014
Be Bold & Bright With Your Interior

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

Don't be alarmed: decorating with colour doesn't mean your house has to turn into one giant, tacky rainbow of furniture. No, decorating with colour can actually be as refined or as playful as you make it. Use embellished focal pieces or fun, colourful accessories for a milder pop of colour, or go all out with funky fashion couches and statement pieces.

Embellished Pieces

If you're looking for "Super Drama" in your room, make sure the most colourful pieces you choose are also the most interesting to look at. Embellished, intricate pieces will make the bold colours seem more special, such as with this yellow peacock headboard by The Family Love Tree or a brightly coloured, functional children's bunk bed by Sofa Bed Specialists

alice queen bedhead


Sometimes decorating with colour is as simple as using unexpected accessories, such as the Wishbone Owl Lamp. This piece offers a white owl with multi-coloured spots that’s perfect for a child's bedroom or young adult living area. Another great option is decorating with punchy floral and patterned rugs, sure to spruce up any dull area.

Pear Melba Pink Saffron Rugs

Colour in Focal Pieces

Using focal pieces rich with prints and colour will help you add more flavour to your rooms without it looking silly. The Loft Furniture African Print Tall Bookcase is the perfect example. It's a functional piece of furniture with plenty of storage, with fun, mixed prints highlighted only in the back of the unit. This makes for a fun focal piece to any room.

Create movement in your room with well-shaped pieces, such as the Kartell Bookworm Medium bookshelf. This multi-functional piece is great for a kid’s room, or for the study. The unit is red in colour and adds drama and dimension to any space.

Multi-coloured level units are a great way to throw a pop of colour into your room without being overbearing. Remember, decorating with colour isn't supposed to be an assault on the eyes. Considering choosing pieces like the Kartell One Container or the gorgeously antique looking Mandarin Duck Cabinet in orange. These pieces are multi-coloured and stylish.

Colour in Everyday Furniture

Don't be afraid to use a boldly coloured couch in your living room. Choose colours that match the style of furniture, like a gorgeous emerald green, 1950s themed sofa The Monster at no.14 Flamboyant Sofa, or a modern opposite. Choose an asymmetrical, chic and sleek pink couch to pop in your space, such as the Siekaup Bruhl Easy Pieces Sofa.

siekaup easy pieces sofa

Use of White

While it might sound odd to suggest using white when talking about decorating with colour, it's a method that really works. Decorating a room in all white gives colours a chance to shine and highlight them. For example, choose knickknacks for a mostly white room such as the Kartell Optic Without Door Storage units; fun, colourful blocks that will pop against the stark white. The Fenton & Fenton Anatomically Correct Candy Skull is another fabulous statement piece sure to attract attention.

optic without door storage

Another use of white when decorating with colour is using an accent wall. Paint all the walls of your bedroom a rich red or beautiful blue, and have on accent wall a stark white. Believe it or not, this will actually more so highlight the present colour than if all the walls were the same!