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Monochrome Magic - Black and Marble in the Bathroom

September 02, 2016
Monochrome Magic - Black and Marble in the Bathroom

Nothing beats the magic of monochrome mixed with marble.

Very much in vogue, this timeless colour and finishes palette has an air of elegance, sophistication and charm that will never go out of style.

The power of a black and white bathroom is not to be underestimated. It’s a colour scheme that perfectly combines simplicity with impact. It can be understated yet be fabulously dramatic at the same time, and a restrained palette does not equal restrained creativity – on the contrary in fact! It is possible to unleash your imagination upon a black and white bathroom (and actually risk far less than you might with a broader choice of colours).

rsz marble and black taps bathroom trend 2016

Marble is a classic finish that will never date. The use of too much marble can tend to make a room appear more traditional in style, however, marble can be given a modern edge when teamed with striking black tapware or fixtures. These black elements make a strong graphic statement and their smooth texture and clean lines really stand out against white marble walls or surfaces. Black fixtures and fittings reflect a somewhat industrial style which contrast beautifully with the opulence of white marble.

It’s important to select a white marble that’s fresh and clean and avoid dark, heavy or even creamy coloured marble if you want to create a fresh, modern look. Introduce marble through large format rectangular wall and floor tiles, or create a stunning wall feature with mosaic marble tiles of repetitious shapes such as penny round tiles (small circles) or geometric shapes such as hexagons. Alternatively, marble accents of marble can be added to a bathroom by way of vanities, basins, furniture or accessories.

Black and Marble Bathrooms  2

Black and marble elements can also be introduced through furniture or accessories and black basins or baths also fit perfectly into a monochromatic bathroom. Timber or brass accents can be added for warmth and plants and a perfect way to bring in just a touch of colour if needed. Combined these elements create a perfectly balanced space that sets a simple but distinct tone for the entire room. One that is effortlessly stylish and chic.

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