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Black Door Handles

February 13, 2017
Black Door Handles

The popular ‘trend’ we refer to as ‘Matte Black’ has taken the world by storm. Its rise in popularity has seen it surpass the ‘fleeting fad’ lifecycle of a trend, to firmly establish itself as a very much celebrated and sought after look.

An aesthetic that has been tried and tested by designers, architects and homemakers over the last few years, the matte black look has proven itself to become the new standard in most homes. Just as its predecessor chrome had been the ‘go to’ option for many years, matte black has surpassed with gusto to become the preferred choice.

This huge spike in popularity all started with matte black tapware which quickly moved to lighting, then to furniture details and now to door hardware. It’s great to be able to maintain that level of consistency with finishes throughout an interior scheme. This allows each area to share a complimentary relationship and link back to each other rather than clashing.

Door handles are an important interior element that tend to be neglected or thought to be an unnecessary expense. However, it’s the small things that often have huge impact and door hardware definitely has an influence on the overall success of an interior.

A beautiful door handle can actually set the tone and mood for a room and act as a preview as what’s to come next. If door hardware is old and dated it will be noticed and will also have a negative effect on the other items within a space. If replacing tapware it's really worth updating door hardware to match also. This is an easy, cost-effective way to modernise the look and feel of your living spaces while adding value to your home.

The great thing about matte black hardware is that it makes a sophisticated and elegant statement that’s bold but timeless. The reason that matte black works so well in all interior settings is because it’s compliments so many other interior materials and finishes. Matte black looks fantastic when paired with marble, wood, brass, copper or stainless steel, and black hardware works beautifully on both painted and timber doors.

Matte Black Door Handles

Selecting a Door Handle

Before selecting door handles for your home, you will need to first determine the function of the door as there are many types to choose from. Knowing the correct terminology will help you to narrow down your search and find the right type of handle faster.

Entry Doors

Should you require a handle for a front or back door it will need to be lockable with a key. The correct terminology for this type of handle is an Entrance Set and comes in either single or double cylinder options.

Privacy Doors

If you require a lock on an internal door such as a bathroom this type of handle is called a Privacy Set.

Passage Doors

If you need a door handle without a locking function such as for a laundry or a bedroom, this is referred to as a Passage Door Levers.

Dummy Door Handles

Doors that require a handle that is non-operational such as a cupboard door or wardrobe door is a Dummy Door Handle.

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