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The Best Fireplace for Your Backyard

June 14, 2017
The Best Fireplace for Your Backyard

Fireplaces have been present and appreciated since the beginning of the humankind. Today’s modern day fireplace now represents a combination of functionality, symbolism, and aesthetics.

A fireplace acts as a focal point for any area that brings people closer together. Whether it be for warming up, enjoying a heartfelt conversation, or simply toasting a few sneaky marshmallows.

Having an outdoor fireplace guarantees good times in your backyard. However, choosing the right one means considering few important things before lighting it. The best fireplace is the one that meets your needs, suits your budget and looks amazing in your backyard.


Location is the first consideration to be made when it comes to installing an outdoor fireplace. The position mainly depends on the size of the backyard, but there are other important aspects to note such as safety, as well as the type of fueling the fireplace (wood burning, or a gas powered fireplace).

Keep in mind that if the fireplace is fueled by natural gas, it cannot be a portable structure since it is hooked on the gas line. Regarding safety, the location of the fireplace should be positioned away from bushes and branches. Areas with dry grass should be avoided, plus, there should be a nearby water source, as well as a fire extinguisher. Usually, fireplaces are located near the house, on a patio, or in a distant spot in the backyard, up against the yard wall.

Both a wood burning and gas fueled fireplaces can be portable or built-in. At this point, you can choose to make this a DIY project, however, if designing and building exceeds your skills, perhaps buying a prefabricated one would be a good choice.

Built In Outdoor Fireplace

Built-in fireplace

Built-in fireplaces are usually attached to the wall. Their main advantage is that they protection from the wind, which will direct the smoke upwards. Installing a built-in fireplace will create outdoor privacy from your neighbors, as well as creating a cosy ambiance for a small group of people.

Many landscape architects from Sydney claim that choosing a built-in fireplace will not only improve the overall outdoor design but in the long run, will increase the cost of the real estate. As for the materials, fireplaces should be built from a long lasting material such as brick, stone or marble etc. Keep in mind that the finish you choose should look balanced against the rest of the landscape.

Outdoor Firepit

Fire pit

A fire pit can be placed anywhere in the backyard and will provide a unique campfire effect. It is a great choice for having a big group of people rounded up since it has 360-degree access. It’s circular form makes it easier for social interaction and provides a better view of the flame. Another main benefit of this type of fireplace is that it’s much more cost effective than other fireplace styles.

One downside of having a fire pit is that it is quite vulnerable to the wind, and smoke can get quite bothersome during a windy day. Although they do not offer the mighty effect of a built-in fireplace, they can be quite stylish and tasteful, depending on design and the materials used. Firepits can be made of stone, bricks, steel or copper and have a contemporary design that makes them very appealing.

Choosing an Outdoor Fireplace


Both fire pits and fireplaces, will require some maintenance, and there is a huge difference when it comes to how they are fueled. A wood burning fireplace requires additional storage for logs, plus burning wood and charcoal can produce smoke, ashes, and sparks which can get messy.

A gas burner provides clean fire without the need for cleaning up afterwards. Plus, they can be lit instantly by the simple click of a button.

Having a fireplace is all about creating a beautiful ambiance and atmosphere. The mere sound of crackling fire brings the feeling of comfort and relaxation. The warming and calming effect of a fireplace can also help to create an environment conducive to socialising or meditating.. Fire pit or fireplace, there is no bad choice here, as long as the fire burns. Just, keep in mind that, as seductive as it is, fire is a dangerous element that always requires attention and care.

We hope you found this article helpful. Thank you to Hannah Thomas for writing this guest blog article.

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