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Best Couches to Buy for Your Home

September 29, 2016
Best Couches to Buy for Your Home

No matter what your budget or your style is, the purchase of a good quality couch is one of the biggest, best and most important purchases you can make for your home.

It’s always a delicate balance between:

  • Staying within your budget and getting the best possible quality couch you can afford.
  • Buying a style that you absolutely love right now, and one that will also continue to look great for many years to come.
  • Choosing the right colour
  • Getting the comfort factor right – is it a couch for sitting in? Does it need to be long enough for you to stretch out fully? Or is it about having enough seat depth that you can comfortably curl up in the corner?

There’s no right or wrong answer – buying a couch is a very personal decision. We’ve pulled together this handy guide on things to consider when you are buying a couch so that you can get the one best suited to you and your home, plus our picks of some of the best couches on the market, by price point.

Couch Buying Guide

Before you head out to the shops we suggest doing a little bit of prep work.

  • Firstly, grab the tape measure and take down the dimensions of your current couch. Knowing the size of your current lounge will help a lot when you are in store looking at new couches.
  • If you are thinking of getting a bigger couch, it might be worthwhile marking out the dimensions of the couch you are considering on the floor of your room. That way you can make sure that your other furniture still fits and that there is room to move freely around.
  • Choosing colour and design is a personal decision and there are so many variations to choose from! See below for our quick guide to some of the couch styles which are currently popular.
  • And of course you need to work out your budget. If you are not sure of what is driving the price differences between different couches, then don't stress - we’ve done some of the research for you.

Couch Style Guide

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Chesterfields The evergreen Chesterfield is a traditional design featuring curved arms and a button studded back. This time the Chesterfield has been re-interpreted in luscious velvets – look out for rich colours like charcoal grey, navy blue and deep greens from forest to teal.

Modular or Sectional Couches Where both the Mid-Century and Chesterfield couch designs are stand alone pieces of furniture, a modular or sectional lounge is multiple pieces fitted together. Often including a chaise section, the modular lounge is a comfortable, flexible option.

Mid-Century Mid Century Modern, Danish or Scandinavian are all terms used to refer to the design style made popular in the 1950’s and 60’s that is experiencing a resurgence. Mid-Century Couches are distinguished by their low backs, and relatively low seat heights. They are not overly padded, and often sit on gently tapered wooden legs given them the appearance of being very light in a space.

The Ultimate Test is Comfort

The most important piece of advice we can give when it comes to buying a couch is – take your time. When you find a couch you like the look of, sit on it. And not just for one minute. Sit for 5 or 10 minutes – is your back comfortable? Is it the right height and depth for you?

Most people keep their couches for a long time, so taking the time to make sure you are going to love sitting on your new couch is worth it.

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