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Selecting A Benchtop

January 30, 2014
Selecting A Benchtop

Selecting a benchtop will be highly reliant upon which room in the house it is to be used for.

Having said that, there are still several considerations you need to keep in mind regardless of what room your benchtop will be ultimately installed in.

Benchtop Function

Where your benchtop will be situated, will have an impact on what finish your benchtop should have. For example, if the benchtop is being installed in the kitchen, you will need to keep in mind that it will be required to be heat resistant and have some form of water proofing. Likewise, a bathroom or powder room should also be water resistant. Some benchtop options can also be vulnerable to stains, so keep this in mind especially when selecting a kitchen benchtop.

Benchtop Material

To some extent, the material your benchtop is made from is limited only to your imagination. Popular choices include laminate, Cesarstone, marble, concrete, stainless steel, reclaimed timber and glass to name a few.

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Benchtop Colour

The colour of your benchtop will largely depend on the material you select. Having said that, there is still a wide colour pallet available for all benchtop materials. Stainless Steel is the exception to the rule although, you still can select from a brushed, etched or shine.

Benchtop Edge Profile

Once you’ve selected your preferred benchtop material, you will then need to consider the benchtop edge’s profile. There are dozens of decorative edge profiles that are available on the market and this can dramatically change the look and feel of your benchtop.

The most common benchtop edge profiles are;

  • Square Edge – the most affordable of edge profiles, as the name suggests this is squared with everything meeting at right angles.
  • Pencil Edge – similar look to the square edge, the pencil edge is approximately an 8mm radius on the top and bottom edges of the benchtop.
  • Bullnose Edge – this is like a circle being cut in half. The edges of the benchtop are rounded to produce a more circular shape. This can also be a half bullnose edge where only the top part is rounded.
  • Bevelled Edge - the edges of the benchtop are carved at 45 degree angles, around the entire benchtop.


Your selection of benctop will also been dependent upon whether or not you have a budget to observe. In general, laminates are more cost effective compared to the likes of marble.

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