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Before You Start Renovating...

January 30, 2014
Before You Start Renovating...

Finally the day is here.

You’ve been planning home renovations for months – collecting quotes, inspirational ideas, advice…

Now you just want to get going; the sooner you start, the sooner you can finish and enjoy the rewards. But in the frantic pace it is crucial to consider hiding hazards and risks in your home.

Whether you’re getting ready to upgrade the kitchen or bathroom, or you’re preparing for an entire home renovation, it is so important to check for potential hazards before you get started.

Asbestos, lead, electrical wiring and gas fittings could be lurking dangers in any home renovation. Plumbing, gas fitting and electrical work must all be undertaken by a qualified professional – safety is paramount for any home renovation.

Allianz, Australia’s fourth largest insurer, has come up with a great article on five things you should know before you start renovating, click HERE to read them.

Once you've made renovations to your home, you may need to update your insurance policy. It's also important to realise that insurance policies have different clauses that come into effect when you are renovating, and that you may need to take measures to ensure that you remain safeguarded in certain situations.

For information on how home renovations could impact your home insurance contact your home insurer today.

Best of luck and may you be sitting back to enjoy the end result of those renos in no time at all!