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Bedroom Colour Schemes

May 11, 2017
Bedroom Colour Schemes

A bedroom is a uniquely personal space that should be welcoming and relaxing, but it should also be a place that inspires and encourages beautiful dreams.

It’s the one room in the house that you can turn to for respite and personal space, so it’s important that this space reflects who you are and also convey your own personal style. This is easy if you’re single, but what happens when you have to share that space with your partner whose personal taste and style is vastly different to yours?

Don’t worry, there is a solution. Rather than having one colour that dominates the room, consider combining a palette of colours that work well together. This will be the easiest way to create a colour scheme that you will both be happy with.

In this article provides the following tips and ideas about selecting colours for the bedroom:

Bedroom Colour Trends 2017

In the last year we have seen a marked increase in the use of colour being applied to bedrooms. That wave of white minimalist, Scandinavian inspired style that we all know and loved has slowly been replaced by rich, bolder tones that evoke a sense of warmth and cosiness.

We spoke to Interior Designer and Taubmans Brand Ambassador, Shaynna Blaze about which colour combinations can work successfully in a shared master bedroom.

“Selecting colours for a bedroom as a couple is always about creating the balance of masculine and feminine, and the trends this year have made it a whole lot easier.

Soft green and grey palettes, or differing levels of blush and mauves are the perfect combination of strength, tranquility and softness that also work just as well in single bedrooms”. Shaynna Blaze | Taubmans Brand Ambassador

Bedroom Colour Inspiration

Taking cues from Shaynna’s advice we have put together two colour schemes that beautifully maintain that balance of masculinity and femininity, while creating a sense of calm and wellbeing in the bedroom.

Navy   Blush Master Bedroom Colour Inspiration Board

Ink Navy & Rose Quartz

This first colour palette includes a contrasting combination of Inky and Navy hues offset by subtle shades of rose quartz and blush pinks. These midnight tones are inspired by deep, vast oceans and softened by pastel, petal pinks.

The colour pink encourages unconditional love and nurturing, while navy is a masculine colour associated with trust, loyalty and sincerity. Together they create the perfect Yin and Yang.

InkNavyRoseQuartz Bedroom Moodboard

Product Type Supplier Product Name
1 Curtain Fabric 1 Mokum Utopia, Shibori Ombre, Rose Quartz
2 Bed Linen Fabric 1 Mokum Eternal, Rose Quartz
3 Bed Linen Fabric 2 Mokum Eternal, Whisper Pink
4 Curtain Fabric 2 Mokum Emperor, Blanc
5 Wall Paper Seneca for Osborne & Little Mansard Vinyls, Bark , Matt Silver
6 Duvet Dover Fabric Mokum Magnolia, Magenta
7 Occasional Chair Upholstery James Dunlop Velluti, 818
8 Bolster Cushion Fabric Mokum Celeste, Blush
9 Throw Cushion Fabric 2 James Dunlop Chateau, Marshmallow
10 Throw Cushion Fabric 1 James Dunlop Chateau, Royale
11 Timber Flooring Royal Oak Floors Artisan Collection, French Oak, Driftwood, Oiled
12 Paint Swatch 1 Taubmans Frail Pink, Tic Tac Toe, Soft Slippers
13 Paint Swatch 2 Taubmans Homeward, Incognito, Foreshadow
14 Paint Swatch 3 Taubmans Saxby Blue, Shindig, Elegant Evening
15 Bed Head Upholstery Leather Edelman Cashmere Calf, Amythst Skyish CC70
16 Ottoman Bench Upholstery Leather Edelman Lusterleather, Primrose
17 Blind Fabric DIY Online Blinds White, Light Filtering
18 Sheer Fabric 1 Marco Fabrics Cook Drizzle
19 Sheer Fabric 2 Marco Fabrics Cook Gold
20 Rug Armadillo Sherpa Sand
21 Furniture Finish 1 - Timber Christian Cole Walnut Timber
22 Furniture Finish 1 - Marble Look Caesarstone Statuario Maximus
23 Furniture Finish 1 - Rose Gold That Metal Company Satin Copper 706
24 Throw Blanket L&M Home Manhattan Midnight Throw
25 Accessories Stylists Own

Below is a selection of furniture and homewares that compliment a Navy & Blush scheme.

Teal Grey   Ochre Master Bedroom Colour Scheme Moodboard

Teal, Grey & Ochre

Inspired by botanicals and colours in nature, this palette of rich teal and forrest green shades are balanced by grey tones and accentuated by accents of gold ochre for warmth.

Shades of green evoke feelings of balance and harmony in ones emotions and are associated with creating an equilibrium between the head and the heart. Ochre is a colour of the earth, and brings a sense of cheeriness and warmth to a scheme.

A neutral warm grey or transitional soft grey adds relief to this colour palette by helping to break up these bold two colours of green and ochre. Grey works well with almost any accent colour, décor or flooring tone.

TealGrey Ochre Master Bedroom Moodboard

Product Type Supplier Product Name
1 Ottoman Bench Fabric James Dunlop Aruba, Evergreen
2 Paint Swatch 1 Taubmans Platonic, Silver Spoon, Grey Marble
3 Paint Swatch 2 Taubmans Faint Flicker, Silver Threads, Georgian Silver
4 Paint Swatch 3 Taubmans Aqua Green, Blue Blood, Mountain Range
5 Duvet Cover Fabric James Dunlop Roman, Aqua
6 Bed Head Fabric James Dunlop Chateau, Glacier
7 Bed Bolster Cushion Fabric James Dunlop Chateau, Marmalade
8 Bed Cushion James Dunlop Chateau, Mallard
9 Furniture Finish 2 - Marble Look Caesarstone Calcutta Nuvo
10 Furniture Finish 1 - Brass Look That Metal Company Chemetal Gilt Aluminium 609
11 Wall Paper Seneca for Osborne & Little Pasha Wallpapers, Kayin
12 Timber Flooring Royal Oak Floors Architct Collection, American Oak, Danish White
13 Throw Blanket L&M Home Frankie Throw
14 Blind Fabric DIY Online Blinds Pearl, Light Filtering
15 Sheer Fabric 1 Marco Fabrics Cook Drizzle
16 Sheer Fabric 2 Marco Fabrics Stradbroke Onyx
17 Rug Armadillo Sherpa Sand
18 Bedroom Stool Upholstery Edelman Cashmere Calf, Blueish CC14
19 Occasional Chair Upholstery Edelman Kid Calf, Smoke KC08
20 Accessories Stylists Own

Below is a selection of furniture and homewares that compliment a Teal, Grey & Ochre scheme.

Alternative Colour Combinations

Shaynna has advised that these particular colours can be combined in a multitude of ways:

‘’A simple monochromatic palette with sharp accents of white and black, such as Taubmans DEEP EMERALD with CRISP WHITE and ALL BLACK create a strong look, just add hints of brass or gold to soften it’’.

'’Replace Taubmans DEEP EMERALD with JUNE BLUSH and the sensory experience is very different but still has a beautiful impact for a bedroom’’.

'’Combining Taubmans SILVER BULLET with accents of KITCHEN TEA, GRAPE NECTAR and WINDY WATERS is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine and can be used in a modern or traditional in style depending the shape of your furniture and the fabrics and materials you use”. Shaynna Blaze | Taubmans Brand Ambassador

BedroomColourSchemes Taubmans

Tips for Choosing Colour in the Bedroom

The key to choosing colours for your bedroom is to consider the colours that both you and your partner like, then look at combinations that create a juxtaposition between masculine and feminine. Match stronger shades with softer shades and look for a neutral colour that can ground the scheme and create a balance between to the two.

We have provided two colour palettes as an example but there are of course many successful colour combinations that can work. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, just remember that the ceiling and flooring will help to break up the use of colour on the walls.

Given that the bedroom is a shared space that mainly only you and your partner will spend time in, it’s nice to create something together that you that you will both love and think of as your dream master bedroom.

We would like to thank the following companies for supplying samples of their products to us for our mood boards:

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure and check out our Bed Linen, Cushions and Rug product ranges.

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