Be Bold and Bright with your Interior

January 30, 2014
Be Bold and Bright with your Interior

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Looking to create a city slick apartment look? Try injecting some citrus into your rooms! Now, we’re not suggesting you buy a lime sofa or paint lemons onto the walls…start with a monochromatic colour palette of black or grey and white and then introduce some acidic bursts of colour for a crisp and chic energy - a white sofa with citrus throw cushions or a black rug with a bright and bold pendant lamp hanging above.

Yellow is a particularly hot citrus colour as it brings a fun and energetic notion into any room without being particularly feminine or masculine. The trick is finding the right tone of yellow. Too soft and it creates a room reminiscent of a nursery, too dark and the next thing you know your living in mustard world. Nobody likes mustard world. A bold yellow that has depth and clarity looks sharp and crisp against a clean black and white palette. The major positive of this is colour scheme is if you get bored of the room you can strip it back to its monochromatic base and introduce a different accent colour!

Try these edgy recommendations to bring some citrus chic into your home!

Yellow Bungalow Origami Light Yellow
Shop yellow pendant lights

Sofa Concept White Leather Couch
Shop white sofas

Turner and Lane Cushion

Shop scatter cushions

Dare Gallery Coco Coffee Table Black

Shop coffee tables

Cowhide Rugs Salt   Pepper

Shop animal skin rugs

Pash Martini Chair Yellow

Shop armchairs

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