Tips To Freshen Up Bathrooms

June 25, 2015
Tips To Freshen Up Bathrooms

It’s not like there is anything wrong with your bathroom. It functions well. It’s relatively easy to keep clean. It’s pleasant but, far from a retreat. This is totally fine. However, watching all these fantastic renovating programs, lusting over bathroom Pinterest boards and spending hours on Google image searches can leave you well, a little disheartened. So, we've pulled together some tips that will help freshen up your bathroom but not deplete your bank account.

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Decorative Mirror

You may already have a mirror, or even better a mirrored medicine cabinet, above your bathroom vanity. Try introducing a decorative framed mirror on the adjacent or opposite wall. This can create a nice focal point and if positioned thoughtfully, could also help create the illusion that your bathroom is more spacious than it really is.


One of the quickest ways to freshen up a tired bathroom vanity, is the addition of some new tapware. There are some amazing styles, colours and finishes on the market. Be sure to take into account your current vanity tapware. As the last thing you want to do is purchase a beautiful tapware set only to get home and realise your current tap is a mixer tap and you only have one hole!

Pendant Lights

Feature pendant lights are a popular choice in bathrooms and en-suits this year and, a very simple update to instantly add a fresh focal point to your bathroom. Depending on your style of bathroom and whether you're wanting drama or simplicity, there is a pendant light to suit all needs. Be sure to keep in mind if this new light fitting needs to provide adequate task lighting or just ambient lighting as this will impact your final choice.

Towel or Robe Hooks

Another simple, and super practical, addition to freshen up your new bathroom is updating your towel or robe hooks. Be it chrome, matte or a lovely warm timber, towel hooks are these days designed to be a feature and not just to hang your robe or towel! They also work wonderfully to hang necklaces and can be a real focal point to your bathrooms wallls.

Towel Ladders and Rails

If your bathroom has the wall space, then the addition of a new heated towel rail or a statement towel ladder can really change the look and feel of your space and, leave you nice and dry after your shower! From statement stand-alone ladders, to electric retro fits and built-in hydronic systems, there are towel rails on the market to suit all styles and budgets.

Fresh Towels

Now you have new towel hooks or rails, it's time to freshen up your tired towel collection. Go vibrant, bright colours for character plus design or subtle, earthy tones for sleek simplicity. From fluffy oversized bath sheets to lovely cotton blends - there is a towel to suit all bathroom styles and users!

By selecting a few of the above new additions for your bathroom, it will give the space an instant pick-me up without taking to much of your time or, budget.

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