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Bathroom Trends 2017

March 30, 2017
Bathroom Trends 2017

Looking for new bathrooms trends that will have longevity and stand the test of time in terms of aesthetics and quality? Look no further.

The biggest bathroom ‘trend’ of 2017 is actually going to be ‘timelessness’.

Fleeting fad trends have lost their appeal and people are becoming more conscious of aesthetically pleasing, classic designs that won’t date quickly. Australians value high quality, stylish and practical products at affordable prices, that are easy also to install and maintain.

The Australian Housing Industry Association (HIA) has projected that 2017 will see a total of 322,700 new bathroom installations along with an expected pool of around 219,600 potential bathroom renovations jobs, based on notional demand. That's a hec of lot of bathroom upgrades to be had!

Given the marked increase in the popularity of bathroom design we knew our readers would be just as eager as us to discover what's next in the world of bathroom trends for 2017. We caught up with some of Australia's most reputable bathroomware companies to find out what new and innovative bathroom products are expected to be the most highly sought after in 2017.

Our highly knowledgeable retailers who stock products from the most renowned brands and designers, also attend world bathroom trade fairs each year to see what's coming out of Europe and will be filtering into the Australia market.

Our comprehensive guide below uncovers 2017’s best bathroom products, highlighting everything from bathroom furniture and colour schemes to fixtures, fittings, accessories and more; a buffet of ideas and inspiration to help you to create an eternally beautiful and functional bathroom in the new year.

This article reviews the top trends for the following bathroom elements:

Bathroom Trends 2017  3

Bathroom Colour Schemes 2017

In 2017 we’ll see that more people are opting for natural, organic looking finishes, gravitating to a day spa feel. There’s a shift away from chrome and porcelain, into natural stone and timber. However, the the trend for luxe looking mixed metals will continue into 2017. People are becoming more drawn to matte, brushed or burnished finishes for tapware and bathroom fixtures. Split finishes combining matte black with rose gold or brass are also set to become hugely popular.

After years of predominantly bright white bathrooms, both interior designers and homemakers are ready for a dramatic change and have (or are becoming) more confident with introducing darker finishes to a space. Bathroom colour palettes going to become more opulent and dynamic. Schemes will take on darker, richer, warmer, and more moody tones but the overall result will exude elegance.

Homemakers can expect deep grey, charcoal, navy and black hues in the form of tiles or feature walls. These colours will be highlighted by pops of brass, rose-gold or bronze fittings which make a grand luxurious statement. A balanced, calming and tranquil aesthetic can be created by teaming these finishes back with a light coloured timber such as oak, or a raw finish such as concrete.

Bathroom Finishes

A move toward matte surfaces or a combination of matte and polished surfaces remains strong. Natural textures, such as sand stone, marble, oak and bamboo are going to be a popular choice, and closely followed by terrazzo, granite and even darker timbers in the form of engineered floor boards or porcelain tiles.

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Tile Trends 2017

The Geometric trend continues to thrive. Driven by the love of mid-century design that continues to influence interior design in Australia. The geometric form can take place in the design of the tile and its form, a printed or 3-Dimensional pattern, or the format in which the tiles are laid. Hexagonal formats are set to become one of the most popular, along with textured and tiles.

Bathroom Trends 2017  1

Bathroom Tapware and Fittings

Matte Black Tapware

A trend that is no longer a trend but an accepted way of life. Matt black fixtures and fittings will still be going strong into 2017 with no signs of slowing down. While black tapware has been around for a while now, its acceptance has evolved into a much needed desire. Its place in the market this year will become more of a “must-do”

Bathroom Trends 2017  2

Brass Bathroom Tapware

Brass tapware is a slightly newer trend that has been sneaking into the market over the last year. Brass has been celebrated by interior designers as it produces stunning results with much versatility in styling. However, the accessibility of this type of product has been restricted to large quantity orders which keeps prices too high to be seen mainstream, however this is going to change into 2017 and this trend is set to flourish!

Rose Gold Tapware and Copper Tapware

Closely following behind brass in the in the race to win over renovators and homemakers is rose gold. Previously known for its shiny finish, the new rose gold or copper finish is going to be available brushed or burnished which offers a lovely matte finish that looks just as beautiful as brass. Copper offers a bold look that brings a sense of warmth to a bathroom.

Shower Heads

A shower needs to be both refreshing and relaxing. ‘Rain’ shower heads will continue to be popular due to their luxurious aesthetic appeal and the soft cascading waterfall sensation they offer that feels like being in the rain.  

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Bathroom Vanities

Wall hung vanities have been a prevalent trend in Europe for many years and are finally making their mark in Australia too. Also known as a floating vanity, a wall hung option is less heavy looking than a free standing vanity and offer a clean, modern look that’s great for smaller and more minimalist spaces. Vanity shelves as an alternative to a cabinet are also becoming popular.

Timber Surfaces

Look out for wood/timber vanity cabinets, vanity benchtops, framed mirrors and bathroom accessories. This trend is gaining momentum as more options filter into the market. Timber surfaces continue to capture the heart of Australians, especially in the form of American Oak and Ash timbers, however bamboo is set to become the next big thing!

Bathroom Trends 2017 Renovatore Store Basins

Bathroom Basins

Statement basins that create a focal point will act as a sculptural statement in bathrooms and powder rooms. Basins in oak, bamboo, granite and sandstone will become highly sought after with natural granite basins being a favourite. Unlike many other granite basins that are made of composite pieces, these new basins are literally carved out of granite - and it’s like having a piece of art in your bathroom. Black basins or black and white combination basins are expected to become a second favourite.

Bathroom Toilets

Back to wall toilet suites will be a first choice as they look tidier and tend to fade into the background better. A toilet shouldn’t be a focal point and a back-to-wall option aligns best with the minimal aesthetic. Rimless toilets are a close second in terms of popularity. This type of toilet is designed to be easy clean and to also look more minimalistic. Rimless toilets were on top of sales in Europe for last 6 years for sure and are now becoming more sought after in Australia.

10 Best Bathroom Brands Astrawalker


The sculptural freestanding bath tub has been gaining popularity over the last couple years and will continue well into 2017. While back-to-wall baths are proving to be a great alternative for smaller bathrooms as they offer the look of a free-standing but take up less space.


Bathroom Storage Solutions

With busy lifestyles is important to keep all essentials right at hand. Having just a framed or unframed mirror with a small bench top won’t provide adequate storage space. A shaving cabinet is a popular solution for storage, Some shaving cabinets are very simple, some new models include hidden power points or an internal USB for charging devises such as razors and toothbrushes. The newest gadget for shaving cabinets is the sensor switch which ensures your cabinet mirror remains finger-print free!

Bathroom Lighting & Accessories

Decorative lighting such as pendants are going to be more widely used to create ambiance and a striking focal point. We are going to see the geometric trend continue to flourish in the form of bathroom lighting and bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Plants

Indoor plants are going to be bountiful in the bathroom and will be the décor of choice of 2017. The green works exceptionally well against a darker background and will provide the right amount of colour to ‘lift’ the space. With such a large variety of plants which thrive in a moist, humid environment, the bathroom is set to become an oasis 2017.

If you would like to learn more about house plants visit our article Five of the Best House Plants.

Bathroom Speakers

Bathing to the sweet sounds of relaxing music can help to alleviate stress and worry. Music soothes the soul and having tunes you love playing while getting ready in the morning can uplift one’s mood and bring joy and motivation.

Incorporating music into the bathroom has become very popular of late and having a great quality sound system really does make all the difference. People are choosing a Sonos wireless speaker as it is the perfect size for a bathroom and is designed to be moisture and humidity resistant.

We hope this these design ideas have filled you with excitement for your bathroom renovation or refresh. We have hundreds of fantastic bathroom products from a selection of the best bathroom retailers within Australia.

We would like to thank our following retailers for sharing their expert insights with us.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products, then be sure and check out our Bathroom products range.

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