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5 Bathroom Trends for 2016

October 09, 2015
5 Bathroom Trends for 2016

2016 will be an interesting year for bathroom interior design. 2016 will be pulling trends and colour palettes from European runway shows and combining them with festive Latin revivals has certainly create an eclectic look in bathroom trends. Throwing most of last years 2015 trends out of the window, 2016 is giving as a fresh new approach to bathroom design and trends.

2016 Bathroom Design Trends

Bathrooms Colour Trends for 2016

In 2016 there will be three main bathroom colour trends making an impression in 2016:

1) Nature's Palette Colour Trend

2) Block Colour Trend

3) Carnival Colour Trend

1. Nature's Colour Palette for Bathrooms in 2016

A contemporary take on a feminine classic, pastel shades mixed with nature’s luxe elements. This 2016 colour trends is a combination of tropical hues and pastels. It’s a colour palette that is a connection of harmony between craft and couture.

Colour Hues To Embrace: Tropical Green, Biscay Green, Elm Green, Blush Pinks, Baby Blue, Fairy Floss, Orangeade, Orange peppers, blacks, Celadon and Pewter.

natural luxe colour palette bathroom trend 2016

2. Block Bathroom Colour Trend in 2016

Yves Saint Laurent did it in the 1960's and Fendi and Chanel are doing it now, colour blocking is back in a big way for bathrooms in 2016. Punched-up hues and vivid clashing tones bring out this luxe 2016 look. Why stop at one shade when you can have them all in 2016?

Block Colours To Covet in 2016: Jet Black, Lipstick Red, Canary Yellow, Emeralds, Fuchsia, Blush Pink, Electric Blue, Cerulean, Whites.

rsz colour blocking bathrooms design interior design

3. Carnival Bathroom Colour Trend 2016

A hearty trend set to hit bathrooms next year, is Carnival Rio De Janeiro decor inspired by the 2016 Olympic Games. An ode to the indigenous cultures of South America, this 2016 bathroom trend is bright, vivid and thrifty and completely encompasses the traditional Rio Style of re-purposing. Recycled timber isn't enough anymore, this trend goes further by featuring fixtures made from re-purposed plastic, recycled objects such as skateboards and blends it with hyper coloured and densely patterned fabrics. In 2016 look to bring the outdoors inside with hints of plant life and fresh natural objects. Bathroom décor design is about to get a festive Latin Flair makeover in 2016.

Festive Colours: Natural rustic timbers, fuchsias, tropical greens, aqua, sandstone and canary yellows.

interior design bathroom trends 2016 rio carnival

Freestanding Mirrors Are Popular In Bathrooms in 2016

This 2016 bathroom style trend is about detaching and coming off the walls. The definition of unrestricted design and aesthetics, tall, slender freestanding mirrors give the illusion of space as well as accentuating ceiling height. Hanging a single pendant light or cluster of, can add an extra level of luxury akin to a chic powder room.

rsz freestanding mirror bathroom 01

Bathroom Tile Trends For 2016

For bathrooms in 2016, there will be two different Tile Trends,

1) High Shine Bathroom Tiles

2) Mixed Media Bathroom Tiles

1. High Shine Bathroom Tile Trend

Two types of tiles will be causing a scene in 2016, these are High Shine tiles, and mixed media combinations. The first being a wet look metallic that will shimmer and catch the light, for added luxury use a muted metallic tile with shimmering or gold grout. This 2016 trend will illuminate your bathroom design in dramatic statement like manner as if pulled straight from the runways of Europe. Get inspired by Nina Ricci, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton's 2016 collections and bring that stylish high fashion look into your bathroom in 2016.

metallic tiles glitter bathroom trends 2016 high shine

2. Mixed Media Bathroom Tile Trend

The second tile trend causing waves in 2016 is a patchwork style inlay, otherwise known as transitional flooring. Flooring in your 2016 bathroom design should not be limited to just one media or material, 2016 is all about combining two or more formats and materials together. Define the zones of your bathroom and create an optical illusion with the combination of timber floorboards fused with marble or porcelain tiles.

transitional flooring mixed media interior design bathroom trends

2016 Walk-in Showers

Flowing straight on from 2015 trends, the double showers or walk-in shower spaces are still on the what's hot list for 2016 bathroom trends. These double shower spaces are still trending strong however, 2016's walk-in shower space will be more refined and intimate than it's predecessor's. It's not how big it is, it's how cleverly you use it. This is a beautiful architectural space, without the need of doors or screens, combine intimate double shower spaces with built in nooks and shelving for plant life, toiletries and other bathroom accessories. Avoid using glass in 2016 bathroom design.

rsz walk in shower bathroom trends 2016

Matte Black Tapware

2016 Bathroom design will see a surge in matte black bathroom fixings. Stylish without being overwhelming, matte black bathroom tapes and bathroom accessories will update any drab bathroom into a sleek and contemporary space.

Read more about this 2016 Bathroom design trend here: Matte Black Tapware

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