6 Bathroom Trends For 2015

February 05, 2015
6 Bathroom Trends For 2015

You've spent summer dreaming of a bathroom renovation/remodel and now it's 2015, time to start planning it. However, after hours of research pinning images of bathroom ideas you love, flicking through magazines for inspiration of bathroom trends 2015, reading online articles of bathroom styles - your heads now overflowing with bathroom designs, basins, tapware, baths, tiles the list goes on!

Well, as every good interior designer would say, it's time for an edit. It's time to focus on what you want to achieve with your bathroom renovation. If you still feel overwhelmed with all the stunning possibilities out there - we've pulled together six hot bathroom trends 2015 that we are predicting to see emerge in bathroom trend designs for 2015 that may help make your decisions easier.

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Trend 1.0: Large Rectangular and Mosaic Marble Tiles

Not surprisingly, in 2015 we will see the use of marble in bathrooms continue to trend & grow in popularity. Marbles timeless quality makes it difficult to go by when it comes to selecting an ideal finish for your bathroom remodel.

Think large, gorgeous rectangular marble tiles as floor & wall finishes. Also, mosaic marble tiles of repetitious shapes such as small circles, hexagons along with arabesque patterns are predicted to be popular choices in terms of statement bathroom feature walls.

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Trend 2.0: Pedestal Basins

2014 was apopular year for wall hung vanity basins being a big trend. In 2015, we are forecasting a slight shift in basin trends towards statement piece pedestal basins. A pedestal basin is identified as having a column-like base, the pedestal, with the basin affixed and mounted on top. As such, pedestal basins can come in a variety of shapes & forms. However given the design of this style of basin, it commonly does not include any storage capacity (unlike other bathroom vanity basins), for items such as bathroom products, bathroom towels etc. As such, it's a fantastic solution for a guest bathroom, powder room or for a bathroom remodel where storage is already considered in other elements of the bathroom design. This is a hot bathroom trend for 2015 that we predict will continue to gain momentum in years to come.

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Trend 3.0: Statement Chandeliers or Pendant Lights

It's 2015. Gone are the days when a stunning focal point chandelier are just reserved for home entrances, living rooms or romantic bedrooms. 2015 sees the trend of chandeliers and pendant lights in all forms and designs featured in bathrooms.

Think paired back minimalism, french country chic or traditional waterfall crystal. Whatever your design choice, be mindful of considering all your bathroom finishes and design styles as you want this chandelier to be a talking point for the right reason, not to look like a discord.

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Trend 4.0: White Taps & Faucets

White bathrooms will always be on trend. However, 2015 finds white bathrooms going that one step further with the inclusion of white basin and bath tapware or faucets. No matter the shape or style of the taps, be it curved lines or bold symmetrical edges, be sure to tap into this hot 2015 trend.

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Trend 5.0: Egg Shaped Freestanding Baths

A freestanding bath, for quite some time now, has been a popular choice when it comes to a new bathroom build or renovation. This bathroom trend doesn't appear to be slowing in popularity in 2015 however, the style trend & shape looks to be moving in a direction of softer, oval, organic lines. This is no doubt due to being that people are wanting to create a bathroom as a room in their home where they can retreat, feel instantly relaxed & calm.

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Trend 6.0: Freestanding Bath Fillers & Spouts

Along with the inclusion of an egg shaped or oval freestanding bath becoming a hot trend in 2015, a must-have accompanying accessory is the installation of a freestanding bath filler & spout. Think a bold statement piece, perhaps with a complementary hand shower for not only aesthetics but, everyday practicality.

We hope these projected bathroom trends for 2015 have given you some great ideas for your own bathroom renovation or remodel and, that your one step closer to making your dream bathroom a reality.

Trend 7.0: Mother Natures Influence

Plants have always been a feature in bathrooms, in 2015 the trends is still going strong. As homes and an apartments get smaller with high density living, people are bring plants into every space in their home and the bathroom is no exception. Plants make for a excellent feature in any bathroom. Whether a single potted Mothers In-Law or a group of hanging ferns, plants are a create way to introduce colour, and fresh oxygen into your bathroom, you can find a variety of plants that is sure to thrive in any moist or wet area.

rsz bathroom plants   feature

(Image credits: http://www.lushome.com/, www.paperandstitchblog.com)

Trend 8.0: Dark Toned Bathrooms

Dark paints or finishes have traditionally been avoided in the bathroom design and styling. In 2015 however, we see a different colour tone causing quite a stir. One of 2015's biggest trends in bathroom design is somber or moody coloured hues making a debut and becoming increasingly popular. If you're bold enough, try introducing dark hues such as black, navy or deep greys into your design through tapware, tiles, bathroom accessories or even in your vanity unit.

rsz dark bathroom tones colour scheme black and navy

(Image credits: http://adorable-home.com/)

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