Bathroom Storage Solutions

October 21, 2015
Bathroom Storage Solutions

Whether you are designing a whole new bathroom or just trying to get your current one more organized, getting the storage right is key.

We’ve pulled together a range of great ideas to sort out the storage problems in your bathroom, and there’s a solution for every size bathroom & budget.

First things first though – you need to work out what you need to store in your bathroom. For most people the list looks like this:

  • Towels – this is always a big one as towels can be bulky and even just a couple of sets will take up quite a bit of space.
  • Hairdryers, hair straighteners, electric shavers, beard trimmers, all need somewhere to live. Plus the hair brushes, and combs.
  • Then there’s your collection of lotions, potions, and of course make-up.
  • If you like to keep extras on hand, there’ll be your extra bottles of shampoo & conditioner, spare toothbrushes, etc.
  • And if you are like us, we keep our first aid kit in the bathroom too.

It can all add up to quite a lot of stuff! We’ve pulled together some ideas & product suggestions to help you find a home for all of it, and hopefully keep your bathroom organized in the process.

Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

OK - If you're lucky enough to have a big linen press then, towels may not need to be factored into your consideration. However, if you don't, then these can be bulky items that can make your overall bathroom feel very cluttered.

Towel Hooks

The simple addition of some hooks on the back door can make for a great solution as not only are they easy to reach for but, they can be kept out of sight by simply closing the door.

Heated Towel Rails

If you have some more space, heated towels rails mounted on the wall are a popular inclusion and can be used to not only hold your current towel but, your spare ones as well. The bonus being that you'll never have to use a wet towel again! Designs these days include electrical plug ins, mains installed and hydronically heated towel rails.

More Towel Storage Ideas

If you’ve got the knack for folding towels so that they look display worthy (and are happy to keep that as a priority) try displaying then on a shelf, but if folding towels for display isn’t where you want to spend your time, a floating storage cupboard will store them neatly without making your bathroom feel overcrowded.

Shaving Cabinets

Ok – they are called Shaving Cabinets which implies that they are primarily for men, but a mirrored door cabinet can be a great way of creating additional storage for small items in a compact bathroom.

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