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Bathroom Renovation Guide

April 26, 2019
Bathroom Renovation Guide

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom but want to learn more about the renovation process before jumping in? Well you’ve come to the right place!

The bathroom is one of the most commonly renovated and most used spaces in a house. Considered the workhorse of the home, it regularly receives a good workout and over time can tend to take a beating from moisture and general wear-and-tear. It’s important to keep on top of any repairs and maintenance, however in some instances a bathroom may be in need of a renovation because it no longer meets your needs in terms of its design and functionality.

When to Renovate your Bathroom

Some of the reasons for needing or wanting to renovate could be (but aren't limited to) any of the following:

  • The layout may not be making the best use of available space

  • Your needs may have changed. For example; you no may longer have a need for a bathtub but do require more storage

  • You may be looking to increase the re-sale value of your home

  • Your tastes may have changed. For example; you just can’t live with the beige laminate any longer and want to update the look and feel of your bathroom

Whatever your motivation for wanting to remodel your bathroom, it can be a big undertaking so it’s essential to be prepared and have a good understanding of the process before commencing.

We sought the expert advice of Daniel from the Bathroom Biz to find out what you need to consider before renovating. The Bathroom Biz have compiled an extensive guide to help prepare you for your new bathroom renovation project.

The guide below takes you through 9 easy to follow steps to assist you with planning your bathroom remodel.

Tips for Planning a Bathroom Reno. House of Home

Determine Your Bathroom Requirements

Start by jotting down what you would like to change within your bathroom and noting what you like and don’t like about the current layout and aesthetic. This will help you to decide if your bathroom just needs a cosmetic re-fresh or a complete re-model.

Start researching styles that appeal to you. Bathroom design magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and design blogs are all great tools for research. These ideas can be taken to a bathroom specialist company such as the Bathroom Biz who can assist you to get the look for your budget.

What's Your Bathroom Budget

When determining your budget it’s important to be realistic. Take into consideration the value of your home and select a budget that reflects the quality and value of your home and it's location. A bathroom renovation can cost anywhere between $3000 and upward of $20,000 depending on size and the quality of materials and finishes you would like to specify.

A survey conducted by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) found the average value for bathrooms installed as part of a renovation was at $17,779. However, you don't necessary have to spend that much. "Working a reputable store that have product ranges at various price points can really help you to achieve the look you want for your budget" says Daniel.

You can undoubtedly cut costs by doing some of the work yourself, however just be mindful that costly mistakes can be made by made by cutting corners. Electrical and plumbing work must be must be carried out by a professional. Working with a qualified trade person can also get the job done in half the amount of time.

When you are budgeting, don't forget to include the following costs:

  • Materials and Finishes such as tiles, stone and vanity tops.

  • Fixtures and Fittings; tapware, basin, shower, bath, vanity, door hardware, waste grate or hole, towel rail, toilet roll holder etc.

  • Lighting & Ventilation

  • Accessories; mirror, towels, bath matt, storage accessories, plants, soap dispenser etc.

  • Labour; painting, tiling, plumbing, cabinetry.

Measure Your Bathroom

Draw up a floor plan to determine how much space you have.

  • Roughly sketch out a floor plan of the room.

  • Measure the length of your walls and record the dimensions on the floor plan.

  • Record openings for windows and doors.

  • Note the positions of any fixtures such as the bath, shower, vanity and WC.

  • Take into account the plumbing and electricity locations in the room.

Repositioning the plumbing will increase your costs. If your budget is tight you may want to avoid changing the layout around too much. However a trades person will be able to advise you and often the benefit far outweighs the costs to be able to have a space that functions well. There’s little point in spending money on a cosmetic refresh if the layout does not work for you.

  • Check the bathroom for mould and mildew, leaks and cracks. A damp issue could lead to additional costs but should never be left.

Bathroom Design & Layout

It's important to experiment with the layout of your bathroom to determine what sizes will work best and understand what space you will need around the bath or toilet etc. "Spending time in store is a really valuable investment of time. We love it when our customers ask lots of questions as it means we'll generally end up with a much better design result" says Daniel.

Don't forget to consider the location of fittings such as the towel rails and toilet roll holder to ensure they are within easy reach. This rule also applies to the direction of the of shower door swing (if you have one) and being able to reach the taps easily.

Tips for Planning a Bathroom Reno. HOH

Bathroom Materials, Finishes and Fixtures

Look at the layout of your bathroom and decide where the focal point is. If the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom is a vanity, you may want to invest more in this piece or have a really beautiful mirror or tap to create a striking statement.

Before viewing fixtures and fittings at a bathroom showroom, check your home’s water flow. Ask and the design assistant about the water pressure to find fittings that will suit your homes requirements.

Bathroom Storage Options

Consider if additional storage is needed or if things like heated towel rails, underfloor heating or better ventilation are required. Having a timer installed for heated elements will save on energy bills, while having sufficient storage is a big must.

It’s important to keep the bathroom looking tidy and free of visual clutter. Shelves can be added for regularly used products which frees up the vanity bench top. Make sure you have enough towel storage. Hooks are great if you have guests who need to store their towel somewhere or for a place to hang your dressing gown while you shower.

Built-in shower niches are perfect for storing products and look much more aesthetically pleasing than a shower caddy. If you don’t have adequate cupboard space laundry baskets are great for storing toilet rolls or cleaning products.

Below is some great product inspiration for your new bathroom.

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

Bathroom Vanities

Tips for Planning a Bathroom Reno. The bathroom Biz

Selecting a Bathroom Style

Part of the most fun in renovating your bathroom is selecting a style. The best way to get a really good feel for the different styles out there is to head into a bathroom showroom. "The Bathroom Biz have 6 displays set up in 5 different styles, along with a fully functioning bathroom display. These are a great tool to show clients the different elements of each style and helps them decide which look will best suit their home and taste", says Daniel.

Choosing a Bathroom Colour Scheme

Most people opt for a predominantly white bathroom scheme. The reason for this is because a clean canvas looks bright, fresh and clean. Using interesting tiles such as Penny Rounds can help to add texture and create interest. Adding elements of wood will bring warmth and add character. Matte black tapware and fixtures are extremely popular as they make a bold graphic statement that looks sophisticated and is timeless.

Vivid and bold colours can be introduced through an accent feature tile, however the safest way to introduce strong pops of colour is through decorative accents and linen. The benefit of adding colour this way ensure your will never tire of your bathroom aesthetic and can easily update the look and feel as trends change.

Understanding Time Frames, Procurement and Project Managing

The time it will take to renovate a bathroom will be dependent of the availability of the products selected and the schedules of the tradespeople who all need to be coordinated in the correct order. The ceiling should come first, the walls are second, and then floors to prevent damage to the new elements.

You may want to appoint a contractor to manage your project and co-ordinate all of the trades. If you work full-time it’s a safer bet as the contractor will ensure the work is done properly and on time.

Working with one main bathroom supplier will help to stream-line the process or ordering and receiving the delivery of goods. If you decide to manage the renovation yourself, be sure to inspect all items upon taking delivery of them. Check the fixtures, fittings and materials aren’t damaged and are the correct items ordered prior to the tradespeople arriving. When looking a timelines factor in time for things to go wrong like this.

Finish with a Site Inspection

Once the bathroom renovation has been completed, it’s important to inspect the finished product. The quality of work should be inspected along the way, however, a final inspection should be conducted to check for damage and to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Daniel advises that by following these 8 simple steps, you can create a beautiful bathroom that can be used to re-energize, renew and be enjoyed for years to come.

We would like to say thanks again to Daniel Moore from the Bathroom Biz for sharing this valuable information on how to plan a bathroom renovation. If you would like further advice on planning your bathroom reno, the Bathroom Biz are more than happy to assist.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of bathroom products, then be sure and check out the product ranges available from The Bathroom Biz.

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