Bathroom Ideas For Life Stages

July 23, 2014
Bathroom Ideas For Life Stages

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No matter what life stage your at, when it comes to designing your new bathroom there are several things to consider that will impact the space.

Bathrooms For Couples

A great functional bathroom for couples, and one that will allow the pair to live and use the space together as well as individually, has a few key features:

  • Bathroom Vanity with Double Basin

Now this is a good idea for those who need their own space. We all have very different habits but it’s often bathrooms that can see one’s daily rituals come under fire from another. Having a bathroom vanity with a basin, medicine cabinet and storage space for each person can be a great way of figuratively drawing a line in the sand and allowing both to co-habit!

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  • Shower Versus Bath

Men tend to prefer the shower option (the more spacious the better) whilst women love to have a bath available; if not for every-day use then at least for the occasional soaking once in a while. Either way, ensuring a bath is part of the actual bathroom will not only keep everyone happy, but is something worth bearing in mind when it comes to the home’s resale value in terms of appeal for practicality for young families.

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  • The Bathroom Toilet

This is, of course, a very personal preference. Some couples have no problems with one person using the toilet whilst in the presence of their partner, whilst others prefer a level of discretion. Getting this right is crucial – determine early on if you’re the sort of couple that is happy to have the toilet within the bathroom space, or separate to it.

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  • Bathroom Talk Time

Consider also a space in which someone can comfortably sit (preferably not on the closed toilet lid). Often our conversations happen on the go at the start of the day and the end of it. Having a space to sit and chat whilst your partner is brushing their teeth or applying make-up can make for actually quite an intimate and enjoyable bathroom space.

  • Keep It Separate

In recent years we’re starting to see an emergence of separate bathrooms entirely, which is always something to consider if you have the space and budget!

Bathrooms For Families

Even though a family bathroom must cater for every family member, it’s unlikely to have to look after everyone all at the same time, unless of course infants are involved.

  • Bathroom Storage

We know, we know! We’re always going on about storage but quite frankly when it comes to families you can rarely have enough! Ideally the family bathroom storage will allow for a linen cupboard that can store everyone’s towels (bath as well as pool/beach), but also drawers that can be accessed by parents as well as little people (bearing in mind that the medicine cupboard should remain out of reach of youngsters).

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  • Baths

Baths can be prized possessions in a family home! Not only can they be mum’s place of retreat, but if there is more than one child then bath-time is often an all-in-one effort to get the kids clean and ready for bed at the same time. If your children are still young then avoid sharp edges and look for tap ware that will minimise chances of bad knocks to the head or little hands easily reaching to turn on.

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  • Bathroom Heating

Make sure electric heating is affixed to the wall and/or not able to be moved around by little ones. Water and electricity are a recipe for tragedy. Heater lights are a good option for the bathroom, as are two-in-one light/fans. Kids in particular can forget to ventilate a bathroom, so having it turn on and off automatically with the lights is a good idea!

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  • Double Basin

We mentioned a double basin as a good idea for bathrooms for couples, but they’re actually a good idea for families as well. Just think of getting ready for work and school and what a queue can be created for tooth brushing … Nightmare! And again, if it works for couples and it works for families, then having a double sink makes smart sense when it comes to re-sale value/ appeal.

  • Slippery When Wet

We all know that a slippery floor is a potential hazard, it’s just that kids take very little notice of these sorts of things! If you can, opt for flooring that has a bit less of a slip factor, and consider placing mats in key areas to avoid any little people racing in and falling tail overhead!

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  • Bathroom Cleaning

Keeping your bathroom clean and tidy when little people are in it all the time is not always an easy task. When you’re selecting finishes, ask yourself – how easy is this to maintain? Will it be able to hold its own with all the wear and tear? Down the track, you’ll be glad you posed the question…

Bathrooms for the Elderly

In the golden years it’s all about making a bathroom as effortless to use as possible.

  • Bathroom Hand Rails

Bathroom Rails near the toilet and in the shower are a practical idea. This might not always be appreciated and indeed might be regarded as somewhat offensive, so perhaps ‘camouflage’ them with a towel that can be easily moved when the rail needs to be used. Furthermore, rail showers with hand held hoses make for convenient and hassle free showering.

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  • Keep It Wide

Doors – including doors into the shower – should be wide and generous so as to allow at least a walking apparatus through, if not also a wheelchair.

  • Bathroom Seating

Allow a space in the bathroom for the user to sit should they so wish. They might like to do this when putting on or taking off their shoes, or indeed they might just like a sit-down (that is not the toilet) every now and again as they get things done.

  • Bathroom Basin Mixers

Make it as easy as possible for those who may suffer from arthritis or don't have the strength they use to. A bathroom basin mixer is simply flicked on and off and adjusted temperature from side to side so no turning stubborn or hard taps.

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A Phone For The Bathroom

Consider a telephone in, or very close, to the bathroom. Slips can commonly occur in wet rooms and if your elderly loved one lives alone, then having a phone within reach – or very close to – might give you all peace of mind. Find these and plenty of other bathroom ideas here on House of Home.

We hope these bathroom ideas for life stages have helped you plan a bathroom space that is perfect for you - regardless of your life stage. Good luck!

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