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Bathroom Ideas

December 20, 2016
Bathroom Ideas

Designing a new bathroom is an exciting prospect. There are so many places to find great bathroom design ideas – online, magazines, and renovation shows. One of the best places to start your idea gathering is by heading in-store to see what’s new in. Stores like Bright Renovation in Lyndhurst, Melbourne have a wide range of vanities and baths, as well as being able to help you with some great advice and inspiration.

Some of the key elements that you’ll want to research options for are freestanding baths, frameless shower screens and ideas for vanity designs.

Different Freestanding Bath Options

When you picture yourself in your dream bathroom, does it involve you having a long hot soak in a bath? If so, then a freestanding bath positioned as the focal point of your bathroom may be a great solution for you.

However, if space is limited, either a wall bath, corner bath or inset bath is a great option as they take up less room while still looking great.

If you have your heart set on a free standing bath, there are lots of designs to choose from as well as different materials. Choosing the design of the bath is a personal and aesthetic choice, but it is worthwhile understanding the differences between the two most common materials for freestanding baths – acrylic and composite.

An acrylic freestanding bath is often lighter in weight than other materials. Which means that there is less freight cost in the product price tag, so they may represent better value. The downside is that the surface can scratch if you clean it with an abrasive cloth. If you take care and follow the cleaning instructions, an acrylic bath will last for many years.

Composite baths are more hard wearing than an acrylic bath, but without the price tag of a full natural stone bath. Made of a mixture of resin and ground quartz or granite, they are scratch resistant and more durable.

What vanity design to choose?

It seems that it wasn’t that long ago that there was only really one style of vanity to choose from. That has definitely changed and there are a number of fabulous vanity options.

There are some many options and vanity ideas - you can now choose the number of basins – either one or two and whether you want it wall hung or floor mounted. You can also choose your vanity top colour and the finish of your door fronts.

If you are aiming for a low maintenance and easy to clean bathroom, consider a wall hung bathroom vanity as they make a terrific focal point for a bathroom. Another advantage is that they are super easy to clean beneath as well as giving the illusion of more space and light. Alternatively, the more traditional style of vanity that sits on the floor will provide more storage space.

Frameless Shower Screen Options

Using a frameless shower screen will keep the lines of your bathroom design clean & uncluttered. When you are at planning stage its worthwhile seeing if you can incorporate a shower screen design that utilizes standard panel sizes. Why? Because its one of the easiest ways to keep the cost down.

Bright Renovations have a wide selection of standard panel sizes and are happy to help you design your shower space to help optimize the area for the shower space and the cost of your frameless shower screen.

Bathroom stores like Bright Renovation, make researching bathroom design ideas and discovering the perfect products for your new bathroom easy and enjoyable.