What To Consider When Designing A Bathroom

January 30, 2014
What To Consider When Designing A Bathroom

In 2012, the bathroom was the most commonly renovated room in the house.

Whether your dream bathroom style is country, contemporary, luxury or traditional there are several essential items you should take into consideration when planning your bathroom renovation.

Flooring Your Bathroom With Tiles

There are literally hundreds of bathroom tiles to choose from and as such, there are many considerations you'll need to think about.

Do you want ceramic bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles, natural tiles made from marble, granite or slate?

Do you want neutral coloured bathroom tiles or a bright pop of colour?

Think about whether the bathroom tiles will be used on the floor, walls or as a splash back as this will determine if they need to have a non-slip finish.

Also, what tile size will suit your bathroom space?

Will rectangular tiles achieve a better finish then square tiles?

Lastly, be sure to select a grout that complements your bathroom style.

Protecting Your Walls With Splashbacks

Bathroom splashbacks should be low maintenance and shield your bathroom walls from water splashes, just as a kitchen splashback does.

The good news is that even though they serve a purpose, that doesn't mean you need to compromise on the look!

There are some terrific options on the market ranging from acrylic, glass, mirror, tiles, engineered and natural stone, stainless steel…the list goes on.

Deciding on Basins

Do you need a drop-in basin, an under bench or countertop basin, wall mounted or pedestal?

It’s important to consider your overall bathroom design and select what basin will provide you with the best solution, both aesthetically and functionally.

Relaxing Baths

There’s nothing better than coming home after a hard day’s work and running yourself a beautiful, relaxing bath. As such, there are several things you need to consider such as the size of the bath, depth, capacity, material, do you require jets and what colour would work well in your bathroom.

Selecting The Best Tapware

It may not be obvious as first, but selecting the best taps and spouts for your bathroom is key to achieving a finished look.

Moreover, from a functional aspect the wrong selection of bathroom taps and spouts can be very problematic. Taps and spouts come in a variety of materials but this is usually only considered for aesthetic purposes as it really should not affect the functionality.

Function and Style With Showers

When selecting a shower, and in turn shower accessories, think about the space you have available and how you want your bathroom to function.

Once you’ve selected your shower and base, this will help narrow your selection of shower screens.

When it comes to shower heads, again think about functionality. Will a shower rose suffice or do you require a hand held shower and hose.

Finishing Your Bathroom Style With Accessories

Like taps and spouts, nothing finishes off a beautiful bathroom better than cleverly considered bathroom accessories.

A good rule of thumb is to select bathroom accessories that complement your key choices such as taps and spouts.

Items like towel rails and hooks, toilet paper holders, soap dispensers and magnifying mirrors should all be factored in to your overall bathroom aesthetic.

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