3 Ways To Style Your Bathroom

February 12, 2016
3 Ways To Style Your Bathroom

Giving any room in your house a re-arrange, moving soft furnishings, and adding pops of colour not only freshens up a space but can really transform it. It’s fun to do, can be an inexpensive way to change the look of a room and help you find your interior style. The bathroom is no different. Usually a place that is overlooked for a makeover the bathroom that is often seen as a room of minimal space, flair or just because its function is more practical than stylish, however it’s a blank canvas that can benefit from mixing colours and textures to really create a unique look. Take a look at how we styled this bathroom three ways to give it three unique and interesting looks.

1. Pop Of Colour

Yellow bathroom

bathroom 1

bathroom 2

The first thing you notice in this bathroom is the striking pop of yellow which is balanced carefully with injection of grey and neutral tones of the bathroom fittings. A bright small yellow rug is used as a bath mat and compliments the additional bathmat at the sink. A bathroom is a great place to display artwork, so cluster a collection in the same hue for an interesting look - here we have used a combination of prints, children’s artwork and a painted wooden word. The theme is carried through with the use of yellow and grey towels as well as a yellow stool, and bathroom accessories on the counter. If you dare you could even paint the walls in your bathroom a bright colour! If your bathroom has a neutral palette adding a pop of colour is certainly a way to add vibrancy and an element of fun into the room. If you already have a strong colour in your bathroom, say, in your tile features or wall colour, try the reverse by adding all white accessories or a complimenting colour, like adding teal to yellow bathroom, orange to blue or green to violet.

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2. Sophisticated Simplicity

bathroom 6


bathroom 4

If adding colour isn’t your thing, or you simply want a change to something more subdued, relaxed and subtle, try a mixture of metallics and neutral colours. Here we have grouped copper, brass and wood to create a serene and relaxing bathroom look. By changing the colour palette to neutral you can add some delicate features like a vase of flowers that won't get drowned out by such a strong colour presence. The artwork has been replaced with a combination of a hanging lamp, copper wire basket and a stone print in the hues of blush and mauve complimenting the sheer grey curtains in the bathroom. By bringing in a side table, here we’ve used a copper side table, you gain space for adding additional bathroom accessories perfect for using next to a bath or in a guest bathroom. The counter space here is used for a clustering everyday items to be used within easy reach and additional towels are rolled up and popped into copper baskets and look great displayed in a different yet practical way.

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3. Eclectic Mix

bathroom 7


bathroom 9

Here we have had fun and mixed a whole lot of ideas to show you just how fun it really can be to fill your bathroom with many elements. First, we filled the bathroom with greenery! Adding plants in all shapes and sizes is a wonderful way to create an urban jungle oasis in your very own bathroom and can make you feel like you are showering outside. Choose interesting pots, baskets or bags to show off your indoor plants. Ensure the room is well ventilated or the plants you’ve chosen won’t mind the conditions. Here we have placed a mixture of plants of different heights to create point of visual interest and paired this will complimenting neutral textures such as the richer coloured timbers and artwork. The artwork in a monochrome design paired next to a vintage surveying staff and other trinkets on the shelf give the room a very eclectic feel. A large print is leaning up against the wall gives this room a relaxed, casual vibe and a statement chair brings a little touch of hotel glam to a family bathroom.

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So, there you have it! Three very unique and different ways to style a bathroom - and advice on how to re-create them in your home. Which was your favourite and what style do you think you could try in your bathroom?

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