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Bali Republic

June 23, 2015
Bali Republic

One of the great things about our job is that we are constantly meeting creative and talented people who make, or source, amazing homewares and furniture. Adam Batty, of Bali Republic, is one of these people.

Founded in 2011 by Adam and his wife Claire, Bali Republic has in a very short time created a sought after niche for-themselves in importing high-end contemporary outdoor furniture. This no doubt can be contributed to Adam's extensive sales and marketing background in the property industry.

"Having worked with a leading Melbourne property advertising agency, Tomorrow, then a leading Australian residential golf course developer, Links Living, I have a deep understanding of the buyer life-cycle and the importance of good customer service," comments Adam.

It's this customer service that has Bali Republic receiving testimonials from customers like "refreshing to deal with", "he (Adam) was very responsive and obviously knew his product well”, "I cannot thank the team at Bali Republic enough for the highest level of professional service right through to the delivery guy. Great product, excellent customer service," to name a few. Very impressive in anyone's books.

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So what does an average day look like for Adam at Bali Republic?

"Customer service is critical to our business so a lot of my time is dedicated to making sure our customer’s demands and expectations are being met. So that means I am overseeing that all email and phone enquiries are being responded to in a timely manner, all orders are being dispatched from our warehouses within the timeframe we stipulate and that customer’s receive notification once their order has gone out, booking deliveries with the customer once their order is ready to be delivered; to making sure the customer is happy once their order has been delivered. Apart from selling luxurious outdoor furniture, customer service is the cornerstone of our business, so I spend a significant amount of my time making sure we are delivering a quality online shopping experience to our customers," notes Adam.

We get the impression that no two days are the same for Adam and wondered what he loved most about owning and operating Bali Republic?

"I’m a people’s person so I am directly involved at the coal face dealing with customers whether it be outdoor furniture for a courtyard or a large scale commercial project," says Adam.

With furniture of the highest quality and manufacturing operations in Indonesia, Bali Republic are committed to surpassing their customers’ expectations with their beautiful products, and as mentioned previously, first class customer service.

"Our customers are incredibly savvy when it comes to e-commerce purchasing, they are really comfortable transacting online", remarks Adam.

"At the end of the day, most customers know what their outdoor space requires so it’s our job to educate our customers on why to buy Bali Republic products. We talk them through the different types of materials we use, shipping and delivery, warranties, money back guarantees. We give them as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision and feel comfortable buying with us," comments Adam.

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From table and chair settings, to benches, recliners, sun-lounges and sofas - Bali Republic offer a full suite of beautiful outdoor furniture option.

"Environmental sustainability is extremely important to us, and we show a strong commitment to this cause by only sourcing our premium quality A-grade teak from plantation growers that are government accredited and approved," says Adam proudly.

So, from such an amazing range to select from, is there a particular product that's really popular with customers at present?

"Our Renon Outdoor Furniture Range continues to be our bestselling line – it combines the finest A-grade teak available with high quality stainless steel for a superb modern look," says Adam.

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Being surrounded by all these fabulous products, we thought it would be a tough question to ask what's Adam's favourite item? We were right!

"That’s like asking me to pick my favourite child! However, in saying that I am a huge fan of industrial design so the Uluwatu Outdoor Furniture Range is close to my heart and is why I have this range at home. The Uluwatu combines reclaimed (recycled) teak with stainless steel for an ultra-cool look. I am a big advocate for sustainable materials and reclaimed teak is exactly that in the fact that it has been used previously for other uses such as houses, bridges, wharfs, etc. So, this means every piece of reclaimed teak has a uniqueness about it which I just love," notes Adam.

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We are always intrigued to learn about trends in our industry and we were curious to know from Adam if he has identified any that we could expect to see on the horizon?

"The growth in outdoor sofa settings continues as more and more alfresco areas are incorporated into new builds and renovations, allowing the area to be used all year round," identifies Adam.

Finally, we wondered how Adam sets himself apart from his industry competitors?

"I’d like to think a number of aspects of our business sets us apart from our competitor’s. First and foremost are our products. We have a wonderful factory in Indonesia that produce some of the highest quality and cutting edge designs in the marketplace. We offer a 5-year warranty on our products so we stand by the quality and they are built to last. Unfortunately our industry is littered with inferior products that do not stand up in our outdoor conditions. And, I’d like to think our level of customer service is without peer as we dedicate much of our time on ensuring it is done properly and always looking at ways we can improve," states Adam.

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And just when I thought this thriving business couldn't get any better, I then find out that Bali Republic take pride in acting as great corporate citizens as well.

SurfAid was started by a group of concerned surfers in 2000 who were struck by the needless suffering and preventable death in the Mentawai Islands. They aim to provide very practical support such as materials to build water tanks, water taps and toilets for clean water and sanitation, mosquito nets to avoid malaria, materials for community health posts to support pregnant women, mothers and children and materials for evacuation roads to help communities escape to safety when another tsunami hits.

"We are very proud supporters of SurfAid, donating 1% of every sale to help run their community programs," says Adam humbly.

It's this holistic commitment to both business and community, and Adam and Claire's passion and drive, that no wonder attract repeat customers and makes Bali Republic the successful business it is.

The team at House of Home would like to thank Adam from Bali Republic for his time

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