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Back Garden

January 30, 2014
Back Garden

When renovating your back garden, think about how you want to use the back garden and if there are any limitations to the space you need to consider e.g. large trees, existing structures, council regulations etc.

Once you’ve decided this, there are some things you might want to include in your back garden. Check out our tips and ideas below:


A deck can be a great addition to any back garden. Not only does it provide a space for outdoor furniture and a BBQ, it can provide a real focal point for the overall backyard design and be a great play and entertaining area.

The deck framing and support, brackets and fasteners and what type of material to build the deck out of are all important factors to consider.


Paving in a back garden can be both functional and very decorative. Paved paths can easily lead people around the back garden, in and amongst flower beds as well as define areas for play and entertaining.

material should be non-slippery, weather resistant, be comfortable to walk on and ideally complement existing architecture and landscaping for a unified design. Concrete, bricks, loose pebbles or rocks even wood can make for terrific paving in the back garden.


When planning the shading for your back garden, consider nature, man-made structures or a combination of both to help provide either temporary or permanent, shading solutions.

Canopy’s of trees and creepers weaved over structures provide a beautiful natural shade solution. More permanent man-made shading structures like pergolas, shade sails, cantilevered umbrellas and gazebos are other shading options.


Like shading, there are several natural and man-made screening options that will provide adequate privacy for your back garden.

Trees, mass plantings or climbing plants are a wonderful screening option. Likewise, a hedge works very well as a screen but like all plants, these options take time to grow and mature.

For screening that’s more instantaneous, man-made options are suitable. Before erecting anything, be aware that local councils usually have restrictions on both the size and material your screen can be made from.

As such, before building any form of screening, be sure to check these regulations.

Retainer Walls

Retainer walls are structures that are designed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes.

Retainer walls are common in back yards where shaping for a specific purpose, like the inclusion of a flower bed, elevating a play area etc. is required.

Gravity, cantilevered, sheet piling and anchored are all common construction methods for retaining walls. Retainer walls can be made from a number of materials such as timber, concrete or natural stone.

Depending upon the look of the retaining wall you are wanting, will be dependent upon the material you ultimately choose.