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Create a Magical Garden with Faux Designer Plants

June 29, 2016
Create a Magical Garden with Faux Designer Plants


noun il·lu·sion \i-ˈlü-zhən\

Definition: Something that looks or seems different from what it is : something that is false or not real but that seems to be true or real.

The word illusion can be associated with magic or being deceptive in appearance – something that we have all experienced at one time or another, but would you believe that a garden that looks as magical as the one pictured above could in fact be an illusion created with artificial plants by a company who are magicians in the making?

Prepare to be dazzled, Designer Plants are a Victorian based company who pride themselves on their ability to create a natural looking wonderland in the garden with their range of beautifully crafted faux hedges, topiary’s and vertical gardens.

Not everyone was born with a green thumb and as much as we would all love to have gorgeous gardens, an increasingly busy lifestyle often prevents our outdoor areas from looking the way we would like them to.

Going Green with artificial plants is fast becoming a top trend among those who of us who struggle to keep plants alive. Whether be due to lack of sunlight, time, or money, introducing a gallery of faux plants might just do the trick!

Designer Plants select only the most realistic artificial plants on the market. They offer a range of plants that are UV engineered to such a high standard that they come with a 5 years guarantee against cracking and fading and require zero maintenance.

House of Home were so impressed by Designer’s Plants range we asked the company director David Eden to have a chat with us about the company and how they manage to fake it so well.

Designer Plants 3

How did you get into the business?

I started off when I was quite young, potting real plants and succulents and selling them at local markets. I began to realise that the demand for artificial plants was growing given the drought at the time. Everyone was so time poor, and there were restrictions on water use, but customers still wanting a beautiful, lush and green garden – so Artificial Hedges and Vertical Gardens were the best solution, whilst still being non-toxic and earth friendly.

What can we expect when we come in store?

We really have some amazing products at the moment, after recently expanding our range; with another exciting expansion on the cards very soon! Other than our amazing products – we have a very friendly and helpful Designer Plants team, who pride themselves on exemplary customer service. All of our team members really go above and beyond to help every single customer, whether that’s a customer who’s running a bit behind schedule or a customer who wants something extra special – our team are very hands on and always happy to assist.

Tell us about your favourite products at the moment?

My favourite products at the moment would have to be our Brand New Vertical Garden Panels. The White Oasis, Pink Lily and Lavandula Vertical Gardens are products our customers have been absolutely loving. They are vibrant, fresh and have a lot of depth – which creates a beautiful atmosphere in the areas our customers transform. The added grasses, ferns and coloured flowers give a really different feel to our standard panels, and as a feature wall give a real ‘WOW’ factor.

Designer Plants Laurel Leaf

What makes your store special?

We have such a wide range of products – (sometimes making it too hard to choose). We can also cater for everyone with different tastes, different styles and different budgets – making Designer Plants a one stop shop for vertical gardens, hedges, topiary balls and installation services.

Best of all, if you’re dreaming of something Artificial that you can’t find anywhere else we also source products to help our customers get the best overall look for their areas.

What’s your favourite question from a customer?

We get so many questions from so many different customers every day. There’s not really a specific question that I like getting from customers, but I certainly love it when customers call up, or come in after purchasing from us and tell us how much the vertical gardens and hedging has changed their lives. Customers are always so happy when they can look out their windows and see a beautiful, vibrant garden that brightens their day.

What’s your favourite part of the work day?

I love working with my team at Designer Plants – we always enjoy when customers come in to visit us and show us photos of the areas they are planning to transform – then days or weeks later, when we receive photos of the finished product.

Designer Plants The Lounge

Who would you love to serve in store?

I’m a big Politics fan – so I’d love to serve someone like the Prime Minister. If they ever wish to cover Kirribilli House in Hedge Panels, we’d be more than happy to assist in the supply and installation.

What inspires you?

I’m very inspired by my Grandparents. I spent a lot of time with them when I was growing up and I really value all the life lessons they’ve taught me. They allowed me to explore so much when I was younger, that led me to find my passions in business. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now without them sharing their passions with me.

Are you regularly updating your own home with products from the store?

I strongly believe that someone who runs a product based business has to really believe in the quality and need for the product. Even before I started selling the product, I’ve had Artificial Hedge Panels on the front fence, back fence, side fence and every possible fence at home. I’m focused on the consistent quality of the products that I sell, and if I’m not happy with the product – I don’t sell it to my customers. So, yes – the house is filled with artificial hedges, vertical gardens and plants, but there’s not much room left for anymore!

Designer Plants 4

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Vertical Gardens products range.

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