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August 27, 2014

Australia is known to go through years of extreme water shortages and heat. So trying to keep your lawn looking lush and green can prove futile. But there is a solution and that’s Ausgrass! Ausgrass is one of the leading suppliers of synthetic grass in Australia.

Known for great quality, durability and a price range that will suit any budget. Recently we caught up with Briana from Ausgrass. Briana is a Sales Manager at Ausgrass and has been working there for 3 years. The Ausgrass showroom is located in Hoppers Crossing and has a small team who manage the showroom and install the synthetic grass. Briana loves working at Ausgrass. Her typical day involves a whole range of activities from little jobs that help the store run smoothly.

From cutting samples to designing the shop logos, as well as attending to customers and organizing measures and quotes no two days are ever the same for Briana. There’s never a dull moment! And that’s what Briana loves about working at Ausgrass. Briana is constantly working with people to create their dream outdoor spaces.

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She even designed her own backyard using Ausgrass synthetic products around an outside pool. She was happy with the end result and the beautiful products. So she knows firsthand, on the job and off the job, that Ausgrass is a great quality product. Briana’s favourite Ausgrass product is the synthetic plant screens. She says "they are so versatile and you can be very creative with how you lay out your design".

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Briana says the most popular product would have to be the synthetic grass range. Ranging in sizes and colours a wide variety of options are available.

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Why shop at Ausgrass?

Briana says;

  • Leading synthetic grass company
  • High standards for quality and fresh ideas
  • 10 year warranty
  • Highest density of grass sitting (19000 TFT/SQR MTR)
  • Also for the large range of synthetic hedges and plant screens

One final tip from Briana, "One of the secrets to pick out the best grass would be to choose the highest density of the grass which in turn leads to the longevity of it."

Stop by the Ausgrass showroom in Hoppers Crossing and talk to Briana and the friendly staff to find out more about the Ausgrass range, you can even sample the product and see which colour and height suits your outdoor space.

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