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January 30, 2014

When thinking about renovating the home, it’s usually about adding rooms to increase the size of your living space.

However, perhaps the solution is far easier than that and the space is already under your roof – literally!

Attic renovations are becoming a popular home renovation. Typically, renovating unused attic space is quite cost effective and non-invasive.

The following are some initial points to consider when renovating your attic space.

  • Attics are existing spaces under the current roof line of the home. As such, this eliminates the need to build a new roof and therefore, alter the current blueprint of the home.

  • Normally, an unused attic is not insulated as well as it could be.

When renovating your attic to become a liveable space in the home, the walls and roof will no doubt require additional insulation and therefore help to make your home more energy efficient.

  • Access to your attic will need to be considered.

Do you currently only have a manhole access point or perhaps you have a pull-down trap door?

Whatever the current status, the addition of a permanent staircase will need to be factored into the renovation.

  • If space is a constraint, a traditional spiral or straight staircase may not be feasible.

As such, consider the installation of a foldaway attic ladder, designed for various ceiling height and weight capacities.

  • You will need light in your new attic living space so consider both natural and electrical.

A great addition to an attic space is a skylight to provide lovely natural light.

Dormer windows help to increase the height of a ceiling and in turn, allowing more usable living space.

  • In most cases, if your attic has not been used for anything more than storage, it may not have a floor.

You will need to seek professional advice on an adequate flooring solution that is both structurally supportive and sound.

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