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Architraves and Skirtings

January 30, 2014
Architraves and Skirtings

A room combines so many elements in one space, you have your bold features and your small details.

Often it is these small, less obvious components of a room that create the true beauty.

Architraves and skirtings are one of these details, they are the finishing touch to your room.

People often overlook these small details, however a beautifully decorated architrave or skirting can make all the difference to your interior design.


Architraves are the boards covering the joint between the top of a wall and the roof.

Architraves can be used as surrounds for windows and doors, they are often made of plaster and can be painted, varnished or stained.



Skirtings or skirting-boards are the boards covering the lowest part of an interior wall, where it intercepts with the floor.

The purpose of a skirting is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor in order to protect it from kicks, abrasion and furniture - and to give the room a finished, decorative look.


Architraves are first and foremost a very decorative moulding whereas the skirtings have a more practical purpose, and therefore generally have a fairly simple design.

Skirtings have what's called a profile and these can very in pattern and thickness.

Architraves, on the other hand, are a decorative statement, they frame your entire room.

Selecting the right architrave that is complementary to your interior will help achieve your overall style.

The perfect architrave and skirting will create the desired ambiance and complete the whole look of your room.