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Top Architecture Firms Australia

March 01, 2017
Top Architecture Firms Australia

Building a new home or renovating and extending an old home may very well be the biggest challenge and expense you will ever undertake.

It’s essential to get everything right and leave nothing to chance. From choosing a design, to establishing a budget, to understanding building codes and regulations, there’s planning approval to consider, appointing and managing surveyors, engineers, builders and trades people, selecting building materials and finishes, having a sound understanding of construction and detailing; the list goes on.

To safeguard your home (and sanity) the best way to proceed with any new build or extension is to engage an architect.

What is an Architect?

The term ‘architect’ applies to only those who are registered and a member of the Australian Institute of Architects. To legally achieve this an architect must comply with the following:

  • Have a degree in architecture.

  • Be covered by liability insurance.

  • Have proof of official registration as an architect with their governing state board of architecture.

It is illegal for an architect to refer to themselves as one unless they have official registration and can only call themselves a ‘Building Designer’ despite having a degree in architecture.

Why work with an Architect?

Architects are experts in the fields of art, science and the built environment. They are able to provide innovative solutions to complex domestic or commercial building requirements. For example; they have an in innate understanding of how to best orientate and design a property to be energy efficient and operate more cost effectively.

They use their skills and in depth knowledge to create and execute overall design solutions that not only function well and look great, but also feel appropriate to the specific needs of the client.

If you’re thinking of working with an architect or just interested in architecture you have come to the right place. We have compiled an extensive list of our favourite residential architects (with the most stunning portfolios), in each of the major cities of Australia.

Find an Architect:

Top Architectural Firms in Australia

This is just a small selection of architectural firms that greatly inspire us. They were chosen for their distinguishing style and sensitivity toward the natural environment. Their architectural home designs are thoughtfully considered; they sit harmoniously within context of their surrounding fabric while making the most of orientation and natural light. Each project seems to embody an aesthetic that just works beautifully with our distinctive Australian landscape.

The work of these architecture firms is quite simply breathtaking.

House of Home are happy to consider submissions for our directory of preferred architects. If you are a registered architectural practice and would like your firm to be listed, please send an email to with a link to your portfolio to us for consideration.

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