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Top Architects Melbourne

March 02, 2017
Top Architects Melbourne

Affectionately coined "Australia's most European city", Melbourne’s architecture may well be the most eclectic in the country. Melbournians are spoilt by a cityscape that seamlessly blends old with new to create neighbourhoods that are exceptionally diverse and interesting.

Thanks to early European settlement, Melbourne’s architecture celebrates an urban landscape that is characterised by beautiful heritage buildings and period style homes. Luckily this historical style of architecture is protected and thanks to our local architects, these homes are can be preserved and improved on with modern extensions or renovations.

Our list below brings you a snap shot of the top architects in Melbourne who have played a key role in helping to develop our city by designing some the stunning homes we see throughout Victoria today.

Our favourite architects in Melbourne:

Top Architects Melbourne BE Architecture

BE Architecture

With more than 20 years of practice, B.E Architecture has built a body of work in various locations around Australia. Led by directors Broderick Ely, Jonathon Boucher and Andrew Piva, the B.E Architecture team is young, dynamic and multicultural, with a range of specialities.

Members of the firm work closely with their clients, builders and individual contractors to ensure that the building expresses the client it was built for and everything needed is in its place. Their designs are quiet, yet strong creating a response that is appropriate to its surroundings with attention to materiality that ensures projects will continue to improve over the passage of time.

B.E Architecture employs a multi-disciplinary team working in architecture, landscape, interior, furniture, lighting and object design, each bringing different skills and viewpoints to a design challenge. Working collaboratively, the team has been able to deliver holistic, integrated design solutions, often exceeding expectations.

View BE Architecture

Top Architects Melbourne Breathe Architecture

Breathe Architecture

Breathe Architecture is a collaborative design environment with a broad range of skill sets and a united ethos that elevates both architectural and professional performance. Their greatest strength lies in strategic thinking. Questioning the status quo; undertaking exhaustive site, conceptual, systems and typological research; and always pursuing an outcome informed by and more progressive than those before it.

Their objective is to know and understand who they are accommodating and serving and how we can make their lives better through design.

View Breathe Architecture

Top Architects Melbourne Claire Cousins

Claire Cousins Architects

Established in 2005, Clare Cousins Architects is a design focused architecture practice based in Melbourne who’s work flows into the areas of landscape, interior and furniture design, oh and they absolutely LOVE what they do!

They have an extensive portfolio of residential projects that employ their core values that a building should be energy efficient, space efficient, and cost efficient using robust materials that are appropriate for the site that will age well with time.

This firm believe that materials and space can change the experience of a place and they value quality over quantity - bigger is not necessarily better; efficient, well-conceived spaces can be just as delightful. They understand that no two projects are the same and they love working with open minded clients, where there is clear communication and trust.

View Claire Cousins Architects

Top Architects Melbourne DKO Architects 2

DKO Architecture

DKO Architecture is a dynamic design practice that’s core strength lies in innovative design and effective delivery of their projects.

They have enviable reputation that has developed through the meticulous planning of living environments and the integration of internal and external living space, all of which embody the needs of the contemporary lifestyle.

Their expertise spans urban design, master planning, architecture and interior design, which makes them the perfect all round design and architecture firm.

DKO Architecture provided the header image for this article which is from a project on Waterloo St. in Carlton.

View DKO Architecture

Top Architects Melbourne Ewart Leaf

Ewert Leaf

Established in 2009, the Ewert Leaf is lead by two directors, Toby Ewert and Will Leaf. The firm’s expertise in architecture, landscape and interior design enables them to approach each project holistically and provide one point of contact for their clients.

Ewert Leaf carefully manage the balance between creativity and practicality to create innovative yet pragmatic design solutions which are contemporary yet enduring. They work together with clients, to ensure that fresh ideas and contributions from all parties can flourish within an inspirational and supportive environment.

View Ewert Leaf.

Top Architects Melbourne Hindley Co.

Hindley & Co.

Hindley & Co is an architectural and interior design practice based in Melbourne. With over 20 years worldwide experience, Founder and Principal Architect Anne Hindley brings her vision of understated elegance to each unique project.

The practice maintains a close Client - Architect relationship throughout all stages of the project, ensuring the personal needs of each client are heard and addressed. Hindley & Co. bring their design talent and project management expertise together for an enjoyable and carefully managed process leading up to a uniquely beautiful end result.


Top Architects Melbourne Jackson Clement Burrows

Jackson Clement Burrows Architects

Established in 1998 by Tim Jackson, Jon Clements and Graham Burrows, JCB is a design-led architectural practice of over 50 design professionals united by a shared commitment to the delivery of innovative design solutions.

Their practice experience covers a wide range of project types and scales and each project, large or small, is treated as a critical contributor to their collaborative studio environment. Their adaptive approach embraces the client as a key design contributor throughout the project.

Their extensive portfolio of projects have been widely recognised through both architecture awards and critical review in Australia and around the world.

View Jackson Clement Burrows Architects

Top Architects Melbourne John Wardle Architects

John Wardle Architects

The John Wardle architecture practice has evolved from a smaller studio into a larger collaborative environment where every project has a range of creative, technical and strategic contributions from a diversity of architects and interior designers within JWA.

Many projects by JWA have been highly awarded. This includes twice being recognised with the prestigious Sir Zelman Cowen Award for best public building in Australia in 2002 and 2006 and the Daryl Jackson Award for Educational Architecture by the Australian Institute of Architects.

JWA has also won the Harold Desbrowe-Annear Award for best residential project on three occasions and has twice been the recipient of the Victorian Architecture Medal. Just take a look at their truly inspiring portfolio to see why.

View John Wardle Architects

Top Architects Melbourne Kennedy Knolan Architects

Kennedy Nolan

Kennedy Nolan was established in 1999 and has since received an accolade of design awards for their residential projects. They are a design focused practice with a distinctive approach to the built form; dedicated to the production of architecture that is highly responsive to its context and seeks to form a strong relationship with landscape.

Design at Kennedy Nolan is generated from drawing on a view that the design and arrangement of spaces can support and reinforce relationships while bringing piquancy and zest to life. They are inspired by form, colour, texture and light, the resonance of shared memories, of history and landscapes.

View Kennedy Nolan

Top Architects Melbourne Matt Gibson Architect

Matt Gibson Architecture

Matt Gibson Architecture + Design Pty Ltd is a Collingwood based design practice that provides architectural, interior, landscape and strategic design services.

The work of Matt Gibson Architecture + Design is based upon a solid foundation of design excellence, including budget and programme control, proficient project management and the achievement of best value and architectural quality.

Matt Gibson Architecture + Design has produced numerous projects within the residential sector yet prides itself on being able to provide rigorously generated design solutions within a wide variety of project types and scales.

View Matt Gibson Architecture

Top Architects Melbourne Minett Studio

Minett Studio

Alishia Minett is the principal architectural designer at Minett Studio. Her 15 year background in Architecture and Interior Design has given her a breadth of experience. Alishia is an award winning Interior designer who gained experience from working with luxury architects Robert Mills, Carr Design and Geyer.

Her homes have a sense of soul and timelessness as she often sources recycled and bespoke pieces to be integrated into the new design. The layering of old and new elements shift effortlessly together to create a Home not a house.

Alishia's Interior background experience will ensure all facets of the design are carefully considered and detailed ensuring that everything has its place. Her love of natural materials and sustainable design ensure that not only will your home be visually dynamic but also comfortable to live in and furnish.

View Minett Studio

Top Architects Melbourne Rob Mills

Rob Mills

Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers in Melbourne, have an intrinsic understanding of what it means to live well. Their Architecture and Interior design studio in Melbourne and Sydney specialises in creating residences that nurture the soul and inspire the mind. Their carefully considered designs employ abundant air and light, quality materials and a beautiful overall aesthetic.

Combining architect and interior designer under one roof, their team can guide you through every step of the development process. With a focus on cost, quality and time, they have the skills to transform your vision into a reality, one which reflects your personality and the life you dream of living.

View Rob Mills

Top Architects Melbourne Robson Rak

Robson Rak

Robson Rak are an established, award winning firm who offer you a holistic design service of architecture, interior design, and interior decoration. Each project they design shares a common emphasis on innovative design, longevity, sustainability, and client value. Influenced by site, program and budget they’re committed to making every project unique, real and storytelling.

Kathryn Robson; principal architect comes from an extensive working history in Europe and Australia. Chris Rak; principal interior architect has contributed to cutting edge design in leading Melbourne design offices, which followed a multi disciplinarian fine art background.

They are committed to the design of residential spaces that ultimately provide the user with a sense of warmth and well-being; spaces that make the user feel good. With that comes an architecture that is easy to maintain and nourishes the user for years to come.


Top Architects Melbourne Techne Architects  2

Technē Architecture

Technē means to make poetically and Technē Architecture + Interior Design do exactly that. This a collaborative studio who’s imagination knows no boundaries and as such they are known for creating bespoke spaces that enrich the human experience.

Their stunning portfolio includes residential, commercial and projects. There’s nothing they can’t do with an exceptional result. Based in the heart beat of the city on Hardware Lane, their office is just a cool and funky as the rest of their projects.

View Technē Architecture

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Image Credits: Header image by David Barr Architects | Images sourced from the portfolios of each of architectural firms above.