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How to create Archie's Mountains

June 10, 2016


If you saw Archie's Nursery Reveal on episode 3 of the Love Shack over the weekend, chances are you noticed Bec's beautiful Mountain Mural on the wall behind the cot. Rather than spending a fortune on buying a wall decal, Bec created these mountains herself using inexpensive masking tape and paint. We loved it so much, we wanted to do the same!

Check out our video above to see how it's done, or read on below for a step-by-step guide on creating your own gorgeous mountain mural at home.

You'll need:

  • Tape Measure
  • Masking Tape (36mm thick)
  • Pencil or chalk
  • Paint (see below for specific paints used)
  • Paint Roller

Step 1: Measurements & Marking Up The Wall

We worked out that the length of Archie's nursery was approximately 3 metres and about 2.5 metres high. From there we came up with some measurements for our mountain mural; the measurements for each mountain can be found in the image below.

Use your tape measure and pencil to mark up your walls. By starting with the tallest mountain on the far right, you can then mark up your other mountains relative to it. As we determined the far right mountain to be 1 metre wide, we measured out and marked it accordingly. To determine where to mark 2 metres up for the mountain tip, we simply halved the mountain width and marked 2 metres above that point. At this point it's pretty handy to have someone relatively tall nearby!

Once you've marked up your first mountain, leave a 30cm gap and then measure another 1.6 metres to the left. As shown in the below image, this 1.6m is the total width of your two other mountains which overlap. The smaller mountain in the 'foreground' measures 88cm wide, so mark that one up first across, and then make a mark 1.3 cm up from the halfway point of the width of the small mountain (at 44cm). Once you've marked up the small mountain, you can mark up the one 'behind' it. Where the tape meets the ground for the small mountain's left side, marks the middle of the width of the mountain behind it i.e. at this point, make a mark 1.8m straight up to mark the tip of your far left mountain.

Archie s mountains measurements2

Step 2: Apply the Masking Tape

Apply the masking tape so that your marked up measurements are on the inside of the tape.

When it comes to the mountain peaks, don't worry too much about matching your measurements up perfectly to those used by Bec (we didn't!), but you might want to make the lines symmetrical for the two mountains on the left so that the peak falls in the middle.

Step 3: Time to Paint!

Use your paint roller to paint within the lines created by the masking tape. You can paint onto the masking tape as well - just make sure you don't paint outside of it or you'll be painting onto your normal wall.

Apart from the 3 mountain peaks which are all painted white, Bec used different paint colours for each of the mountains. We've listed the colours below, but check out the image if you need a visual.

  • Dulux Vivid White for the tips of the mountains
  • Dulux Timeless Grey for the main part of the mountain on the far left
  • Dulux Domino for the main part of the mountain in the middle
  • Dulux Tranquil Retreat for the main part of the mountain on the far right

If you're feeling really inspired or adventurous, why not try out some colours of your own!

Archie s mountains paint colours

Step 4: Remove Tape Carefully

Congratulations, you've completed your masterpiece! Grab a cup of tea, stand back and enjoy your hard work.