Make Antique Furniture Work in Your Home

August 14, 2014
Make Antique Furniture Work in Your Home

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

Antiques really are investment pieces as they are built sturdy and will last for a long time. Not only are these pieces built to last but they are a perfect fit for any style of decor. Whether it's a flea market find or your grandma's hand-me-down rocker, there's plenty of fabulous ways to decorate with antiques.

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1. Distressing

Antiques are a great find for distressing and turning your home into a rustic getaway, or a romantic shabby chic style. Find a fabulous antique dresser or desk and distress the corners and seams with sandpaper to complete a rustic vibe. Pair your rustic look with earth tones and classic accessories like a cream colored globe and long candlesticks.

To complete a romantic, shabby chic look simply strip your piece with paint stripper and apply a rustic clay to the corners. After you are satisfied with the bones of your piece, apply several coats of white or Tiffany blue paint. After your piece has dried, distress the corners and handles with sandpaper. Intricate antiques with carvings and interesting designs make great pieces for this look, since you will highlight the intricacies. Pair your shabby chic look with whites and light pastel colors.

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2. Accessorize with Vintage

Antique mirrors can be one of the best accessories to have around the house. These large, statement pieces can become a focal piece to any room. Another great focal antique is the 1940's Andre Vallon Poster byImagine This. The colors and style of drawing is a clear vintage piece and will add art and drama to any space; paired perfectly with antique side tables or presented in the foyer.

3. Great for Mixing & Matching

Antiques are timeless, but that doesn't mean they don't fit in with modern day furniture. Antiques are perfect for matching with modern, sleek styles. Pair your modern leather bedroom with the great Oriental Day Bed by Sydney Used Furniture and a great patterned comforter set. Sometimes a whole modern bedroom set can be made by throwing just one versatile antique such as the Imported Italian Classical Lounge. Antiques can also easily be refinished and reupholstered to better fit a modern theme and give them a long-lasting appeal.

4. Built Sturdy

You won't find any cheaply made pressboard with antiques. One of the greatest features of any antique is the homemade quality. Antiques are usually heavy pieces of furniture, as they are built solid and strong. For example, the 1930s antique bedside table by Sydney Used Furniture is built from strong timber. Another great piece is the Antique Walnut Coffee Table) by Imagine This. The fantastic build of antiques assures that your piece is going to last for a long time.